Why THEY Need World War III

It’s May 2022 and this is video 309.

I am increasingly concerned that what is happening in Ukraine is being used as an excuse to build up enthusiasm for World War III. The conspirators are working hard to push the collaborating public (brains softened by too many months of mask wearing and too many toxic injections) into demanding a war against Russia.

Superficially, it is possible to argue that in the same way that Germany’s invasion of Poland led to World War II, so Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be used as an excuse for the conspirators to start World War III.

But I think that misses the point.

The fact is that the conspirators behind the covid fraud and the global warming fraud and the Great Reset need a war to keep up the fear – and they’ve already got one. Ministers are talking about a war lasting years – a permanent war – a war straight out of Orwell’s 1984. They’ve created the war they need and it’s already happening: a war to kill billions through starvation and poverty; a war to destroy economies; a war to create permanent compliance.

Just look at what is happening as a result. Bankers think that the war could be used to accelerate the adoption of digital money by central banks. And that, as I’ve been warning for months, will be programmable currency. You can only spend it on the things they allow you to buy.

The sanctions that have been introduced are the war the conspirators need. The sanctions are going to result in hundreds of millions of deaths in Africa and Asia. Even the World Bank more or less admits that the sanctions are effectively creating genocide on two continents. It’s the sanctions, not the bombs and bullets, which will do the killing. World War III started with the sanctions and America is already in it with Europe.

The war is already resulting in massive poverty. Fuel and food costs are soaring and will continue to soar. None of this is happening by accident. Taxes are rising and will continue to rise. Someone has to pay for a war and since we’re in it we’re paying for it.

There is no longer any doubt that NATO deliberately pushed Russia into invading Ukraine. Nor is there any doubt that this is not, by far, the most egregious military activity occurring at the moment. The wars in Yemen and Syria have killed far more people but have aroused little or no interest among Western politicians or journalists.

I don’t think anyone who has studied the evidence would disagree with the conclusion that Russia was inspired to invade Ukraine in order to help further the plans of those prosecuting the Great Reset. The West has deliberately pushed Putin into a corner – and demonised a whole nation – to create the war they need to help force us into the Great Reset and Schwab’s New World Order in which we will own nothing and be happy. You’ll own no house, no car, nothing. You’ll have no money. You’ll queue and be a slave to a digital world. Communism on speed.

The food, fuel and fertiliser shortages which are a direct result of the orchestrated invasion will wreck the global economy and force up inflation, prices and interest rates. In Britain, we are suffering the steepest decline in living standards since the decade after World War II. We have the highest tax burden since the 1940s. There is effectively no health care for millions. In the UK, over two million are waiting for cancer treatment – most will die before they are treated. Patients have to wait three years for dental treatment.

In the West, particularly Europe, there will be much hardship. Millions will lose their jobs and millions will lose their homes.

But the real cost will be felt in Africa and Asia where hundreds of millions will die of starvation in the coming months. It would be naïve to think that this was anything other than deliberate genocide. I have previously suggested, quite seriously, that Biden, Johnson and others responsible for the deadly sanctions should be treated as war criminals.

A few weeks ago I thought it somewhere between unlikely and impossible for the fighting in Ukraine to spread into the rest of Europe and lead us into World War III. I thought that even the most aggressive, war-loving collaborators would baulk as food and fuel prices rose.

But the media has done its job well. Letter columns are full of demands for more action, more bullets, more war. Political leaders talk of deposing Putin and arresting him. People who said nothing during the war between Russia and Ukraine in 2014, and those wars in Yemen and Syria for example, are now suddenly filled with horror.

The people who have been brainwashed into demanding a greater war have been manipulated and do not realise that they are being used. They are the same people who fell for the recycling myth – the continuing farce that means that carefully washed out yoghurt cartons are transported to China or Turkey to be burnt or dumped. Or they’re just dumped into the sea. They’re the people who fell for the global warming myth – even though there is no evidence for the myth. When 500 world class scientists wrote and pointed out that global warming was a myth, the world’s media ignored them and reported the claims made by a young girl. They’re the people who accepted the toxic, experimental jabs with unfettered enthusiasm – even though everyone admits the jabs don’t do what they are claimed to do, but have killed and maimed countless thousands. These people have been moulded and trained and turned into gullible compliant servants of the Great Reset conspiracy.

Now, I think the risk of World War III developing is increasing rapidly and will soon be somewhere between likely and inevitable.

Look at what is happening.

The British Government has reportedly sent arms and troops (described, inevitably, as advisors) into Ukraine, thereby involving Britain in the conflict. Johnson has allegedly sent in tanks. Other British ministers want the West to send aeroplanes to support Ukraine. Not surprisingly, Russia responded by threatening to bomb bits of Britain. Ms Truss, the Foreign Secretary talks of digging deep into our inventories, ramping up production and increasing defence spending – at a time when millions are having to choose between eating and keeping warm. Almost every day the Government talks of spending hundreds of millions more – that we haven’t got. We’ve been warned that the war will continue for years. Re-read your Orwell. Permanent war. Fear and terror.

Other countries are doing the same.

In the US, Biden whose own family links with Ukraine are still something of a mystery, has asked Congress for an immediate $33 billion to send to Ukraine for the war. Wikipedia says there is no truth in any rumour of a link between Biden and Ukraine so we can be pretty certain there is something going on that the conspirators want to hide.

The EU has sent over a billion euros to Ukraine – though it has sent 38 billion euros to Russia for energy supplies and is therefore hedging its bets and supporting both sides, like a corporate sponsor backing both parties at an election.

The public is being encouraged to support Ukraine. Under the guidance of the conspirators, the media is constantly reporting on atrocities (which may or may not have happened) and encouraging the public to call for more Western involvement. Britain will soon be twinned with Ukraine and we’ll probably have a joint Eurovision song contest entry. It would be our best chance of winning.

Individual Russian citizens (who may not have committed any crimes, let alone been involved in the invasion of Ukraine) are being hounded and punished. Sportsmen and musicians who happen to be Russian are being denied the opportunity to ply their trades simply because they carry Russian passports. Businessmen are seeing their property taken from them – simply because of their citizenship.

And members of the public are being constantly encouraged to support Ukraine. The Ukraine flag is flying from public buildings and private flagpoles all over Britain. I haven’t seen any sign of support for the oppressed people of Syria or the oppressed people of Yemen but the people of Ukraine are being treated as very special.

And there is no doubt that the war is being used by Johnson and the Conservative Party to help distract from the fact that the Prime Minister, Johnson, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sunak, lied to the British people and to Parliament about their behaviour during the lockdowns.

In a way, their behaviour was explicable, of course. They knew that there was no plague and that the lockdowns were entirely unnecessary. But that doesn’t alter the fact that they, and a vast variety of public servants, simply ignored the laws they had created.

Some are saying that the war has been fortunate for Boris but that’s misdirection. Boris is merely benefitting from what is for him a fortunate side effect.

(It is worth remembering that lying to Parliament used to be considered an unforgiveable crime. It was for lying to Parliament – and nothing else – that John Profumo was exiled from public life.)

Johnson and Sunak are now both proven to be criminals, liars and hypocrites. Neither is fit to hold any public office. But neither has the decency to resign. These are bad people, surviving in a cesspool. There’s a type of air conditioner in Mexico which the locals call a politician – because it makes a lot of noise but doesn’t work.

Johnson, in particular, seems to me to be using the war to distract from his blatant criminality.

Arguing that this is not a time to change leaders is blatant nonsense. The French have just held elections. Britain changed leaders at the very outset of World War II.

Is there anyone who doesn’t believe that Johnson would welcome the chance to push us further into the conflict – whatever the cost – to save himself?

Meanwhile, there are endless daily distractions in the media. Crossed legs. Porn on phones. The endless royal soap opera created out of hubris and entitlement. Vandals destroying petrol pumps in the name of a senseless cult. We’re heading for fiscal obscurity and the mainstream media enjoys the carnival.

The conspirators who control the world, and whose publicly avowed aims include genocide, digital enslavement and a world government, appear now to be pushing the public into demanding that Britain, America and other countries become directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine. Biden keeps offering more money. He’s promised $90 billion for bullets. The $33 billion is just for starters. Britain is sending 8,000 troops. Isn’t that what you do in a war? American, British and French submarines are being prepared.

And what then?

Will China become involved in support of Russia? Will China use the war as an excuse to take Taiwan? What will happen in the Middle East? These are bad times, orchestrated and conducted by evil conspirators.

The only certainty is that the conspirators are in control. And the innocent stooges who wear, wave or fly their little flags in support of Ukraine are playing into their hands.

The conspirators created this conflict. And it is becoming increasingly clear that they aren’t finished with it.

Two months ago, World War III was nigh on impossible.

Today, you’d have to very naïve not to realise that World War III is part of their plan. And that in practical terms World War III has already started. And now there are no rules.

You and I have to spread the truth to combat the propaganda. Digital enslavement, social credit and the end of freedom are just months away – hurried along by our senseless, unwitting involvement in a war that appeared out of nowhere and which will take us into a world without freedom, without independence, without anything we value.

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Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

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