The Young Country Doctor Book 7: Bilbury Pudding

Bilbury Pudding, the seventh in The Young Country Doctor series, is a collection of stories, reminiscences, essays and anecdotes about life in the English village of Bilbury in North Devon, England. The book can be enjoyed whether or not you have read the other books in the series. All the well-loved characters are here: the Doc and Patsy, Thumper Robinson, Patchy Fogg, Peter Marshall and Frank and Gilly at the Duck and Puddle public house. But there are many new faces too. Some of the stories are poignant, some contain a message or two and some are just old-fashioned funny. In addition to medical stories, there are the usual wonderful descriptions of the Devon countryside and, as a bonus, Bilbury Pudding contains more than a little advice on life from Dr Brownlow, Patchy, Thumper and the Doc. Finally, there is a pen portrait of the Doc himself - written, in his own inimitable style, by Thumper Robinson.