The Wisdom of Animals

Gentle, caring readers who respect animals will adore this warm hearted, hugely popular book which was well reviewed when published in hardback. The Wisdom of Animals proves that animals are more sensitive and more thoughtful than many find comfortable. The Wisdom of Animals is a concise but comprehensive account of the evidence proving both that animals are sentient creatures and that they are considerably wiser than is usually believed. The authors show that all animals are capable of love and altruistic behaviour; they explain that animals communicate with one another, have powerful imaginations and artistic skills and possess excellent memories. They report that animals know which medicines to use when they are sick and use tools to help them obtain the food they need in order to survive. And they show that animals have skills and capabilities which humans can only envy. The Wisdom of Animals offers clear evidence that animals frequently display the sort of wisdom, and the types of emotion, which many wrongly regard as uniquely human. No one who reads this impressive, original, fact-packed book will ever again doubt the wisdom of animals.