Village cricket tour

The Village Cricket Tour has sold over 35,000 hardback copies in the UK alone and has become a classic.

The story of an amateur cricket team on a summer tour of the West Country. The team's triumphs and disasters unfold as they battle for glory on pitches that often defy description; besides which, not everyone that they encounter plays the game in the proper spirit.

I enjoyed it immensely. He has written a book that will entertain, amuse and warm the cockles of tired old hearts.

Peter Tinniswood, Punch

If anyone ever manages to bottle the essence of village cricket he will quickly scale the dizzy heights of personal fortune. In the meantime we read and write about it in the pursuit of understanding. Seminal reading should now embrace Vernon Coleman's latest offering, a whimsical piece about the peregrinations of a village team on its summer tour...all the characters are here, woven together by a raft of anecdotes and reminiscences and a travelogue of some of the most picturesque cricketing spots in the South West.

The Cricketer

Coleman is a very funny writer.

This England

It is the funniest book about cricket that I have ever read. In fact it is the funniest book I have read since Three Men in a Boat.

Chronicle and Echo

His powers of observation combine with his penchant for brilliant word pictures to create a most delightful book that will appeal to all those who appreciate humour and sharp characterisation.

Sunday Independent