Vernon Coleman's English Heroes

My aim in writing this book has been a simple one: to enable readers to learn the basic details about the most important men and women in English history and how and why their contributions deserve to be remembered.

Some of the people in this book are far less well-known that they ought to be, thanks to the prejudices and bigotry of many commentators. I hope that even ardent historians will find surprises here and that when you have finished reading about my 100 heroes you will know, and understand, a great deal more about England, English history and the people who made England great.

These are men and women who, in one way or another, honoured themselves and their country and made the world a better place for the rest of us.

These men and women were unique and irreplaceable. They all made huge contributions to life on earth.

These men and women were all giants. They were giants of their time and they are giants of our time.

We should be grateful for their lives, celebrate their work and be proud that they were English.