Superbody: How to Boost Your Immune System

How to unlock your body's protective powers and defend yourself against infectious diseases and cancer. A healthy immune system doesn't just protect you against infection - it is an essential factor in your body's ability to fight off all other diseases - including cancer. The first two parts of this book explain why and how are bodies are under siege - and why the incidence of cancer and infectious diseases is rising rapidly (and likely to continue rising). Infectious diseases started to become resistant to antibiotics a quarter of a century ago. Since then the situation has steadily worsened and it is now probably too late for the medical profession to reverse the situation. Infectious diseases are coming back in a big way and the incidence of cancer is also going to continue to rise. And so the third part of Superbody explains how you can protect yourself against these, and other threats, by improving the strength, efficiency and effectiveness of your immune system.

Our whole family enjoyed your book Superbody and we can see the sense in it. 

L.S., Shetland

A helpful and informative read for those who have been swept up by the lifestyle and excesses of the 20th/21st centuries.

Evening Chronicle