Secrets of Paris

Vernon Coleman's very personal, wry look at Paris and the Parisians.

A light hearted, loving, much praised introduction to the heart and soul of the city by a bestselling writer who loves Paris and has had a home there for 20 years. Readers will need to appreciate irony.

Selected as Book of the Month by `French' magazine and highly praised by `Destination France' and other expert reviewers.

Is it travel writing or reference? Actually it cleverly manages to combine both. Before you've finished reading I guarantee you'll be planning a visit. Secrets of Paris gives you just that - an insight into Parisian life, packed with local and personal anecdotes, and historical and socio-political information. Refreshingly, this isn't just a trite travel book but a readable, funny and intelligent guide to what to do and what not to do and see in the city. Imagine getting top tips from a trusted friend who has lived in Paris for a few years.

French Magazine

This isn't a guide book although its sub-title is Paris for Beginners, an Insider's Guide. Rather, it's a witty series of observations about life in Paris. A prolific writer Coleman has sold over two million books in the UK alone, covering genres (such as) medical matters and novels. He writes amusingly about flowers, the elderly, notaires, zebra crossings, hotels and almost anything else you can think of. There's a list of 10 things not worth doing (including visiting the Bois de Boulogne) and 20 things you must do in Paris (from visiting Pere Lachaise to having a drink at Les Deux Magots or Café Flore). Hugely entertaining.

Destination France

Vernon gives us the sort of gossipy inside information that a friend who knows Paris well would give you...packed with secrets and advice, but also funny and enormously readable. A sparkling introduction to Paris and the French.

Stewart Peterson, Greenock Telegraph

Hugely enjoyable.

Carol McGiffin