Revolt: Britain in the EU - in 2025

Revolt by Vernon Coleman is the future story of life in Britain under a totalitarian regime run by overlords from Brussels - who are known as "sprouts". It is based on a true story which hasn't happened yet. It was originally published under the pseudonym Robina Hood (partly because it is quite unlike any of Vernon Coleman's other books). Rod Liddle devoted a whole page in The Spectator magazine to trying to work out the identity of the author. He got nowhere close!

Many readers love the book:

I enjoyed reading Revolt. I fear that much of the book may come true.

Nigel Farage MEP

Deeply serious potential issues, which are peppered with elements of wit and humour pose the question: Is this an allegorical view of the way our world is heading?

John Weller in Hull Daily Mail

Based on a true story which hasn't happened yet is the captivating opening statement to this powerful novel. Reminiscent of George Orwell's 1984, we encounter a government in supreme control with bureaucratic corruption, enforced obedience and power eliminating weaknesses such as loyalty and respect. The book is a cleverly conceived encounter between the all-powerful Sprouts and underdog Suspects in a struggle over their country, culture and democracy. It reveals authority becoming the public enemy and the mask of violence. Then comes the revolution. What happens when ordinary people have finally had enough? What happens when good, decent, law-abiding folk are pushed too far by mindless bureaucrats? What happens when the oppressed citizens rise up against a ruthless, fascist state and fight back - using whatever weapons are available to them? Inspirational, funny, exciting and entirely original Revolt will amuse and entertain more than anything published for decades. And, more than anything written since George Orwell wrote 1984, it will make you think hard about the world in which we now live. This is the most explosive novel written for 50 years.

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