Men in Bras, Panties and Dresses

The Secret Truths About Transvestites

Full of common sense and good humour. If you read only one book about transvestism read this one.

Skin Two

Valuable insights.


It gave me personal reading.

Renaissance News

Open and readable.

GEMS news

Not only a good read but also an easy read. This skilled communicator wears his learning lightly.


Revealing and often touching.


The results of a major survey.

Birmingham Post

Wonderful - to raise the spirits of the closeted and guilt ridden transvestite.

Wildside Toronto

Whether for titillation or serious study this volume will provide a good read.

Evening Telegraph

For anyone who wants to know all the facts and figures the statistics and the secret thoughts of other cross dressers, this book is pure gold.


Cross dressing is cool, says Vernon Coleman.

Evening Post

The results of the major survey of crossdressers/transvestites. Providing answers to the many questions men and women most often ask and banishing long-standing myths about men who crossdress.