It's Never Too Late

Tony Davison is bored, tired and fed up with life. He has lost his job and his wife, and doesn't have much of a future.. In despair, he sells his house and most of his belongings and sets off for Paris for a weekend holiday. But what started off as a quick holiday break soon turns into a once in a lifetime experience. It's Never Too Late tells the uplifting story of Tony's search for a new life and happiness in a new country. Full of the gentle humour which are so much a hallmark of Vernon Coleman's books.

Imagine that you feel like settling down in a comfortable armchair with an entertaining book - one that will keep your attention and combat the desire to nod off. You could do much worse than spoil yourself with this book. The author's style is both easy to read and makes you want to keep turning the pages - I fact I had to force myself to stop reading and put the book down. I am sure you will enjoy the book, which apart from anything else brings to life the atmosphere of Paris - so why not give it to a loved one or friend...and promptly borrow to read yourself? Whatever you may decide, we have chosen this as our Book of the Month.' - Living France magazine`It's Never Too Late is a light hearted reversal of the ageing process.

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