How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You

One in six patients in hospital is there because he or she has been made ill by a doctor and two out of every five patients who are prescribed drugs suffer side effects - often serious, sometimes lethal. Doctors, along with cancer, stroke and heart disease are now one of the main causes of death in Britain.

...snappy prose and controversy expertly blended with authoritative facts. Dr Coleman's book is yet another eclectic mix of facts we're amazed to discover with questions we've always wanted answered.

The Good Book Guide

What is so disturbing is that so much of it is true.

M.T., Yorkshire

I would like you and your readers to know that here is one doctor who firmly agrees with you, particularly about doctors and drugs. Your books are a revelation and I have recommended them to patients, as well as to friends and relatives.

Dr B.R. (hospital consultant)

This book should be required reading for practitioners, doctors as well as all hapless patients, who need to be protected from our doctors.

Dr S.G., `Positive Health' magazine

The book is very interesting and useful as a whole and will give many people who read it much-needed information, useful advice on what to do and support when interacting with conventional medical professionals.

The Fulcrum