The Game's Afoot!

The 6th volume of Vernon Coleman's diaries. Nothing like the Bilbury books. Contains nothing whatsoever about Gloucester Cathedral, embroidery or train spotting. Unsuitable for the politically correct. Strange things happen in the Coleman household. If anything unusual can happen it probably will. The Game's Afoot contains an unbelievable but true saga of what happened when they tried to sell their apartment in Paris and were forced to accept a buyer who couldn't even find the money for the deposit. Read why Vernon paid £2,500 to have the grass cut and sold a car for little more than half price. Vernon explains why we should declare war on the EU - and why we would win in days. He also explains why he thinks everyone would benefit if the McCanns were taken to court. All predictions are as they were made on the day of the diary - even if they now look stupid.