Diary of a Disgruntled Man

A subtle book for the sophisticated and discerning reader looking for irony and political incorrectness salted with occasional enlightenment and a peek into some other poor devil's daily burdens. The hardback edition is also useful for propping open doors. Sadly this facility is not available with the ebook.

The Diary of a Disgruntled Man is the first of Vernon Coleman's series of diaries - for the year 2011. Please do NOT buy this book expecting it to be like the Bilbury books etc. (Other diaries include Just Another Bloody Year, Bugger off and Leave Me Alone, The Return of the Disgruntled Man, Life on the Edge and The Game's Afoot).

This is a book for the politically incorrect who question and laugh at the absurdities of modern life and who have little respect for those who rule our lives without a passing nod in the direction of democracy and justice. The Diary of a Disgruntled Man is wild, original, tough, revealing, laugh out loud funny, heart breakingly sad and always painfully honest. It is unsuitable for the overly sensitive and politically correct.

The revealing flashbacks about Vernon's life as a GP, police surgeon, television presenter, best-selling author, newspaper columnist and publisher make it the closest thing Vernon will ever write to an autobiography.But it is more than an autobiography; it is a social commentary in the tradition of Samuel Pepys and in the tradition of Pepys it is gloriously indiscreet and rather rude. `I am not going to edit my life,' said Vernon, when asked if he really wanted to leave everything in the book. The humour is sharp, ironic and very, very English.

You will discover what (former Private Eye editor) Richard Ingrams threatened to tell (current Private Eye editor) Ian Hislop about Vernon (and Vernon's response) and what happened when Vernon officially applied for a job with MI5. The Diary of a Disgruntled Man is 240,000 words long and we have a large boxful of letters from readers who loved every page.