Balancing the Books

Written by Vernon Coleman under the pen name `Don Quixote', this is a savage, satirical, biting, black comedy. It is nothing like Vernon Coleman's usual books. The heroine kills, kill and kills again - but I couldn't help liking her enormously.

Harriet's husband was an author. He killed himself when his books were 'destroyed' by a series of malicious one star reviews. Harriet, now a freshly bereaved widow, is full of quiet, smouldering rage. She becomes a ruthless, successful serial killer who goes after each of the reviewers and systematically murders them - though cleverly making the deaths look like accidents. This is one sweet delicate looking lady you really don't want to annoy.You may surprise yourself when you find that you are cheering Harriet on as she dreams up new ways to kill the people who destroyed her life.

An irresistible novella for those who like their humour black, invigorating and slightly bitter.

This book is fiction but how long before it becomes fact?