Alice's Diary: The Memoirs of a Cat

Alice's Diary has, for 25 years, been Britain's bestselling hardback cat book. It is now available, for the first time, as an e-book. And it is, therefore, available for the first time for readers outside the UK. The book tells the story of a year in the life of a tortoiseshell cat called Alice who shares her life with Thomasina, a mackerel tabby, and two `Uprights'. Alice records the year's events and disasters with great humour and insight and at long last gives a glimpse of what it is really like to be a cat. Alice's Diary is delightfully illustrated throughout by the author and is a must for animal and cat lovers everywhere. Alice was helped to write this book by international bestselling author Vernon Coleman. (And yes, Alice really did exist.)

Here are comments from readers:

Please send copies of Alice's Diary to the eleven friends on the accompanying list. It is a wonderful book which will give them all great pleasure.

Mr R, Lancashire, England

Alice's Diary is one of the nicest books I have ever read. She has wonderful insight.

Mrs J, London, England

I am delighted with Alice's Diary - I must have Alice's Adventures.

V.H., Grimsby, England

One of the most delightful cat books in the world!

Mrs M.R., Australia far as Alice's Diary and Alice's Adventures are concerned, nothing would persuade me to part with my copies of these two books for I have had hours of delight in reading them.

Miss W, Cheshire, England