You Probably Won’t Learn Any of This from the BBC, YouTube or other Pro-Conspiracy Propaganda Sites

  1. It now seems clear that the UK is being used as a tethered goat by the Americans and NATO. Britain’s treacherous Prime Minister, the utterly awful Sunak, now a major war criminal in the Blair category, was one of the first in line to give arms to Ukraine – including depleted uranium shells. The result is that when Russia is looking for a target to attack with nuclear weapons, it will be Britain which is targeted. For whatever reason, Sunak has decided to sacrifice the bankrupt country he is supposed to protect and serve. Destroying what is left of Britain will give the United States a dilemma: do they make peace with Russia or do they launch their own nuclear attack. If they choose the second option then mankind will be sacrificed and all that will be left will be the billionaires and politicians cowering in their bunkers. Anyone who thinks the war in Ukraine is about Ukraine needs psychiatric help though actually they are probably beyond psychiatric help.
  2. It seems clear to me that the conspirators are now desperate to start a nuclear war (it would, after all, help reduce the world population by several billion). Biden, Sunak et al must know Russia’s history and must realise that if cornered or invaded the Russians will fight to the death of the last citizen. If they don’t know then they need to study what happened to Napoleon and to Hitler. NATO leaders are clearly manipulating Russia into an inevitable nuclear conflict. And, extraordinarily, it seems that NATO leaders (if ‘leaders’ is the right word) are also keen to drag China into the Third World War. This seems to me to be a desperate fight for global supremacy and for control of the new world government. This is not going to end well.
  3. Britain is bankrupt (as, indeed, are most other western nations). Generations ahead will be paying for the recklessness of Johnson and Sunak. The £400 billion that was wasted on fighting a fake pandemic will mean that Britons will be broke for decades. An astonishing 44% of Britons are now working some or all of the time at home (that includes some nurses). And coincidentally, golf courses and hair dressing salons are now busy all week. `Working from home’ is now a synonym for `playing golf’ or `having your hair done’. It’s no wonder that productivity in Britain is worse than anywhere in the world. Most Western Governments have spent the futures of generations to come. We are being led into the Great Reset by cold-blooded leaders desperate to destroy the middle classes and force all those with hope and ambition into eternal poverty. The world’s debt is now around $300 trillion. Credit card debts are at a record high. Your children, your children’s children and their children, ad infinitum, will spend their lives in debt. (And all debts must eventually be paid.) Mortgage holders should note that interest rates in Argentina are now over 100%. It seems that no one now remembers Thomas Jefferson who once said: `It is incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes.’
  4. The USA has been continually involved in fighting wars for decades. Millions have died. How have the ordinary, tax paying American citizens benefitted from these military adventures? Note, incidentally, that the French Government involved itself in the American Revolution (for no good reason). Afterwards, France went bankrupt. The French Revolution ensued. I suspect that very few Americans want their country to be spending billions in Ukraine. But not many Americans, and very few Britons, wanted to be fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Right from the start it has appeared to me that the Ukraine mess has borne an uncanny resemblance to the Vietnam mess.
  5. Ukraine is using the money they’ve been given to buy cheap Russian gas. At the same time, the UK and the EU are forced to buy expensive American gas. The cold and expensive winters will last for decades. When I saw a video of Sunak meeting Zelensky at Chequers I wanted to vomit. Sunak behaved like a 12-year-old girl meeting her pop idol. There did not seem to be any talk of peace. Sunak just bent over forwards to give Zelensky whatever money and arms he’d been ordered to ask for. What are the odds that Zelensky, who has been on a world money and arms raising tour, will forget where he came from and end up in Russia – begging for money and arms. Incidentally, half of all Ukranians want their country to be given nuclear weapons. I wouldn’t bet against that happening.
  6. Where you may live, the official plan is to turn your country into a sort of wildlife park, with wolves, bison, wildcats, boar, beavers and other entirely inappropriate creatures roaming around the countryside and suburbs and creating havoc and mayhem in rural and semi-rural communities. The mad greens have linked the alleged decline in the UK’s biodiversity to ‘society’s disconnection with Nature’. (I thought that the decline in biodiversity was caused by the widespread use of dangerous chemicals on farms, on hedgerows and in private gardens but we can always rely on the greens to have a new suitably pseudo-academic, finger-wagging explanation for everything. The Green Party in the UK always seems to me to be totally out of touch with everyone not living in Brighton. Maybe it would be best for everyone if Brighton declared independence, introduced net zero, banned all cars and fossil fuels and became an example to the world of just how absurd and deadly such changes would be.
  7. In Britain, extremists want a ‘right to roam’ so that everyone can go everywhere and picnic and camp wherever the fancy takes them – in your garden if they want to. This will, of course, be a disaster for the countryside and for farmers. We have lived next to popular country footpaths for many years and the people who use them (who usually stride past with their rucksacks on their backs and a walking stick in each hand) are a menace. The ramblers and self-styled environmentalists, preening and self-satisfied, regularly throw their empty lager cans and cola bottles into our garden and when they pick up after their dogs they hang the little plastic doggy-doo bags on one of our trees. Their dogs, of course, run wild, barking incessantly, annoying the local farmer’s sheep and occasionally killing one. Naturally, there is an underlying agenda. The advocates of the Great Reset want us all eating bugs, not farm produce. They want all farms closed down. The conspirators don’t want members of the public wasting valuable, disappearing fuel on driving out into the country. And, of course, if strangers can camp in your garden you won’t really own it, will you? Remember the conspirators’ catchphrase: ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy’.
  8. Cancelling the $300 billion which the Russians held in their dollar reserve has backfired badly on the US. Now, no country in the world regards the dollar as safe and the BRICS nations are becoming more powerful every day. America’s future as the world’s reserve currency is no longer secure – thanks to this appalling error.
  9. Having been told that YouTube was full of bright eyed enthusiasts providing advice to the millions who want to know how to survive the dark days which lie ahead, I took a peep at a friend’s computer. (When they deleted my channel the rancid thugs at YouTube banned me from looking at any videos on their platform.) It seems to me that YouTube is now awash with people sharing advice on how to cope with the future. These entrepreneurs have several things in common. They all sell freeze dried food and survival equipment (tents, special boots, huge knives for chopping down bamboo, and torches as powerful as a lighthouse which enable you to make out what’s happening three miles away) and their videos are packed to the gills with very profitable advertising. Do any of these bozos actually think that their viewers will be able to save themselves with an expensive knife and a cupboard full of freeze dried cabbage? The one thing to remember is this: the millions of people making videos for YouTube are approved by the World Economic Forum, President Biden, the Bilderbergers and the Central Intelligence Agency. And so, in my view, the information and advice they are giving is utterly worthless. The YouTube whores can and should all be ignored. Anyone who has videos on YouTube is controlled opposition, whether they know it or not.
  10. There are going to be very few rental properties available in the UK. More new legislation means that hundreds of thousands of property owners are selling up and taking their rental houses and flats off the market. Rental prices, already high, are going to soar. And it will be the fault of those idiots who have introduced oppressive legislation designed to make life impossible for landlords.
  11. A Royal College of Nursing spokesperson says that patients aren’t dying because nurses are striking but that nurses are striking because patients are dying.’ It’s a slick slogan but never before have I heard such self-serving, sanctimonious claptrap. Nurses are striking for more money. And if they get more money the NHS will be poorer and services for patients will fall still further. Nurses should have gone on strike to protest against stupid, unscientific social distancing, deadly and pointless masks, and the covid-19 jab – the most toxic pharmaceutical product ever made. But they didn’t go on strike because of any of those things – they went on strike for more money.
  12. In much of the world there is no longer any health care. If you want to know how to boost your immune system, how to increase your resistance to infection and disease, how to improve your physical and mental health, how to spot early warning signs of disease, how to avoid environmental risks and how to de-stress your mind and body then please read my book Superbody. The book also contains my list of the 101 best foods in the world. You can buy a copy from Amazon. If a dozen people each buy a copy I’ll be able to have an egg on my toast for tea.

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