You Couldn’t Make It Up

Please note that I do not have any social media accounts. All accounts which appear to be in my name are fake. I have been banned by YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on. Accounts in my name on Twitter and Telegram and all other social media platforms are nothing to do with me and should be labelled as fake however real they may appear. The only sites where my work appears and which I control are and – though I have always allowed my videos to be reproduced on other sites as long as they are not cut or edited or adorned with advertisements.

  1. Officially, the commonest cause of death is now dementia. This is odd because dementia rarely kills anyone. The truth, should anyone be interested in such an outmoded concept, is that most people who are listed as having died of dementia were either labelled as Do Not Resuscitate and subsequently died of untreated pneumonia or they were murdered by hospital staff who gave them the currently popular kill cocktail of midazolam and morphine.
  2. Climate change cultists constantly claim that the flooding which is common these days is a result of man-made global warming. This is what used to be known in technical term as ‘bollocks’. There is a good deal of flooding these days because rivers are deliberately not dredged and houses are deliberately built on flood plains. The dishonest aim is to convince us that we are all in peril.
  3. Chatbots are being promoted as being able to answer all our questions. But, of course, chatbots will always be programmed to provide information and answers which please the conspirators. You’ll never see a chatbot recommending one of my books or one of Dr Colin Barron’s videos.
  4. I first warned about statins over 30 years ago (in 1992) when the cholesterol lowering drugs were introduced. I warned that these drugs looked like making a fortune for the drug industry. At the same time I expressed scepticism about their use and described the hazards associated with them. The covid-19 jab has caused so many heart problems that doctors are now being told to hand these drugs out on request. In the UK, for example, the medical establishment (for which you can safely substitute the words ‘drug industry’) wants at least 10 million people to take statins in the alleged hope that this will reduce the current epidemic of heart disease deaths. Having made a fortune out of flogging the jabs, the drug industry will make another fortune out of statins. The next step will be to make the damned things available over the counter. It’ll end in tears. If you want to know more about cholesterol lowering drugs read Chapter 39 in my book `How to stop your doctor killing you’ which is available by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. There have been many new studies since I wrote that chapter and I haven’t changed my mind.
  5. Hospital staff recently poured scorn on a man who turned up wanting to have the wax removed from his ears. They sent him away and seemed unhappy about his request. What else was the poor fellow supposed to do? GPs used to syringe wax out of ears (I used to do it with warm water, and I always used to soak the patient and myself) but GPs have all retired from general practice and taken up vaccination as an alternative and lucrative career. Maybe the hospital staff expected the poor fellow to syringe his own ear? DIY medicine seems to be the latest craze.
  6. The health care unions are coordinating their activities to maximise the number of people that they kill. Junior doctors are now talking about walking out for 72 hours – and refusing to see emergencies. The BMA, appears to have been taken over by lefties and communists. It does seem to me rather odd that a bunch of commies seem to want to destroy the world’s most prominent socialist health care system so that they can get richer and buy their Mercedes and BMW cars a year earlier. But maybe I’ve completely misunderstood. If the doctors get the massive pay rise they’re demanding the money will have to come out of the NHS budget and patients will suffer.
  7. The world now agrees with me that electric cars are as useless as they were when they were first introduced over 100 years ago. No one with functioning brain tissue would buy an electric car except as an expensive joke. Despite all the propaganda, lies and tax breaks they are more expensive to buy and run than diesel and petrol cars. They’re useless if you need to travel more than a few miles from your home. The idea that we’ll have electric lorries and electric aeroplanes is laughable.
  8. The conspirators now want to ban wet wipes. They say that they’re bad for the environment because people flush them down loos and cause blockages. This is as stupid as banning bicycles because they are often badly ridden and cause accidents. It would make far more sense to ban MPs because most of them are liars and the rest are crooks. Wet wipes are an essential aid in the battle against infections (which we are losing since there are, thanks to careless hospital staff, so many antibiotic resistant bugs around). If wet wipes are banned there will be far more deaths from infections such as sepsis.
  9. In the USA, a chiropractor is being sued by the US Federal Government for half a trillion dollars. His crime? He recommended that people should take vitamin D and zinc during the fake pandemic.
  10. There was a Twitter event on 8th January 2023 called ‘Censorship Killed Millions…Free Speech Saves Lives.’ Ironically, I couldn’t take part because I am banned from all social media. Thanks a bunch to Twitter, YouTube, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the rest of the oppressive bastards.
  11. In Birmingham in the UK, the police arrested a woman for thinking while standing in a street near an abortion clinic. The woman was not actively protesting nor was she harassing anyone. After an onlooker complained to the police that she might be praying silently, the woman was searched, arrested and interrogated. I hope they don’t arrest me for the thoughts in my head.
  12. As a direct result of the entirely useless and predictably damaging lockdowns (I predicted the damage they would cause the minute they were announced) and the deliberately planned scare campaigns about the rebranded flu, one in five adults in the UK is now clinically depressed. That’s never going to get any better.
  13. The BBC reported that black people wait six months longer for transplants. This is mainly because surgeons want the best match available and black people are less likely to agree to donate. I appeared on the BBC’s first television programme with Dr Christiaan Barnard in the 1960s and I remember that Barnard’s second transplant patient was called Philip Blaiberg – who lived a normal life for over 19 months. Oddly, the heart he received did not come from a white man. Barnard was a fascinating character. I wrote his biography for a major encyclopaedia.
  14. The excellent Expose website (go there and give them money) reports that 52 heads of state and nearly 300 government ministers will fly in to Davos (mostly by private jet at taxpayers’expense) to discuss climate change, sustainability, and digital transformation. War criminal Tony Blair and the head of MI6 will be among the secret attendees from Britain. I’ll take a bet they won’t be paying their own air fares or hotel bills. The Swiss will provide an armed guard of 5,000 troops to protect the attendees at the shindig.

Vernon Coleman’s book How to stop your doctor killing you is available by clicking here.