World War III Update (7 March 2023)

The mainstream media is successfully suppressing news about World War III (which, as I recently explained, started recently). There has been little or no recognition of the fact that we seem to be heading towards the planet’s first (and probably last) nuclear war. I estimate that the mainstream media is reporting less than 1% of what it should be reporting about a war which will affect everyone.

  1. NATO needs a nice big war otherwise it will become obsolete. (Its original purpose was to counteract the USSR – which has gone.) And the arms industry is constantly hungry for more wars. If no one is firing bullets, no one is buying bullets. World War III is set to last for years. At the end of the war, people will be so desperate for peace they will be happy to be ruled by a world government.
  2. Rishi Sunak (the British Prime Minister) has called for Russia’s war criminals to be tried at the International Criminal Court. The US hasn’t agreed with this because they are worried that many American politicians and military chiefs will be prosecuted for war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Sunak should be careful. As the law stands, the leaders of the Western Alliance are possibly the ones breaking international law. If and when World War III is over, Biden, Sunak, Trudeau, Macron et al will be standing alongside Tony Blair accused of war crimes. Russia regards Biden, Sunak et al as the accomplices of terrorists.
  3. The life expectancy of Ukrainian soldiers at the front line is said to be four hours. Desperate recruiters have allegedly been dragging teenagers off the streets, handing them guns and sending them into action. Allegedly.
  4. The Americans want to send F16 jets to Taiwan. (Remember why the US got so upset over Cuba?) This seems like a deliberate attempt to provoke China. Is the plan to extend the war to the Far East? Sceptics should know that the US Army has just laid out a multi-pronged, detailed strategy for a war with China. The US is making specific, extensive preparations for a war with China and Americans are preparing for attacks on America itself (officials have stated they wish to avoid a land war in the Far East). Martial Law has been hinted at. Incidentally the Chinese military recently tested two drone aircraft. One was operated by a human and the other by A.I. The drone operated by a robot won the fight. Future dog fights will clearly be fought without humans.
  5. Israel seems desperate for a war with Iran. The Israelis are concerned that Iran will have nuclear weapons before the end of March 2023. America will doubtless be co-opted into this war too. How many wars does Biden plan to fight all at once? It’s worth remembering that 9/11 was described by the US Government as the start of a 100 year war.
  6. No official figures have been released for the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed in this war. Does that mean that there haven’t been any or that the number is so high that no one dares release it?
  7. Women cricketers and footballers want parity with men playing those games. Why, then, is it that all the soldiers I have seen taking part in World War III have been male? This particular variety of sexism seems to have been ignored by feminists.
  8. Members of the public who are cheering on the Ukrainians and calling for them to be given more arms probably don’t remember what happened in Vietnam – where the Americans lost the war because they didn’t realise that the Vietnamese had a different attitude towards death. The Russians and the Chinese will not cry if millions of their citizens die in the war. The American public will not accept it if ten thousand American soldiers are killed. Incidentally, the American Government has already spent more dollars in Ukraine in one year than it spent in 20 years in Afghanistan.
  9. Biden’s Government in the US has boasted about giving some money for relief of citizens in Yemen. But wouldn’t it be better not to give money and missiles to Saudi Arabia, which is involved in the war? There has been a humanitarian crisis in Yemen for eight years, and more than 21 million people are short of food and drinking water and desperately need help. Meanwhile, western governments are spending billions keeping the war going in Ukraine. Governments are reluctant to send aid to Syria too, where a war has been raging for 12 years. Oh, and they recently had an earthquake in Syria.
  10. The always excellent and highly recommended ‘TruNews’ reports that in 2012, Henry Kissinger said: ‘In ten years there will be no Israel’. The US has reportedly been preparing for a Middle East without Israel and, according to a report on there is much talk of Ukraine becoming the new Israel. Zelensky (who is Jewish) has talked about this.
  11. After World War I, the League of Nations was formed. After World War II, the United Nations was formed. After the end of World War III the new world government will be built out of the ashes of the United Nations. Creating a world government is, of course, the ultimate aim of the evil ones who are taking us into the Great Reset. No one mentioned this, did they? The globalists realise that the best way to create a world government is to have a world war. Much of what happened in the last three years was designed to distract and encourage compliance. The climate change myth is, of course, an essential long-standing weapon in the war on truth.
  12. The Americans are so concerned about the spread of World War III (which, of course, they are helping to encourage) that they are taking precautions to defend their essential services. Hackers can easily get into power stations, water treatment facilities and sewage facilities. The US has moved to shield these systems from cyber attacks. Shockingly, only 20% of publicly owned water systems in the US currently have any defence against cyber attacks. It would be very easy to attack all those drinking tap water, and defending the water supplies should be a priority. It would, of course, also be easy to disrupt oil and gas supplies, electricity power stations and rail systems. Although the US is poorly protected against cyber attacks, it seems likely that other countries (such as the UK and the EU countries) are even more vulnerable. In the UK both the NHS and Royal Mail have suffered at the hands of hackers.

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