World War III Update (13th March 2023)

We are clearly fighting World War III (even politicians admit this). If Russia loses the war and NATO sends troops into Russia there will be definitely be a nuclear attack on the USA and much of Europe. And that will be the end of that. Meanwhile here are some bits of news that the BBC might accidentally have forgotten to mention.

And this might be a good time to re-watch the video I released on 3rd May 2022 which was entitled `Why they need World War III’. (I was, of course, sneered at when I made that video. ‘That will never happen’ insisted the naïve, the gullible and the still innocent. I was told that there would be no war because ‘the people wouldn’t allow it’.)

  1. China is setting up ‘military offices’ on the bit of China straight across from Taiwan. And Chinese fisherman have ‘accidentally’ cut cable lines to Taiwan. And the Chinese Government is telling its citizens the location of their nearest nuclear bunker. World War III is spreading East.
  2. North Korea now says that ‘there is a realistic chance of nuclear war’. Since they probably won’t be fighting a nuclear war with Iceland, it’s a good bet that the war will be with the US, the UK and the EU.
  3. The American Government lost wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Vietnam. What makes Biden think he can fight Russia and China and win?
  4. America and China are both rapidly increasing their armoury of nuclear weapons.
  5. President Orban of Hungary has said that western countries are close to discussing the possibility of sending NATO troops into Ukraine to fight Russia. The Russians will then have to kill NATO troops very quickly. And that is when WWIII will become very dangerous. Don’t buy any long books or start watching lengthy TV series.
  6. NATO reckons we are fighting a perpetual hot war (as opposed to a cold war) with Russia. If WWIII doesn’t progress to a nuclear war it will last for years.
  7. Huge amounts of American military hardware (including endless rows of tanks) are currently in Poland. Where is this mass of invasion material headed? Ukraine? Belarus? Russia? Or will it remain in Poland.
  8. Rheinmetall, a large German arms company and tank maker wants to build a factory in Ukraine to produce 400 tanks a year in that country. They say the factory will be protected against air attacks.
  9. The US Special Operations Command at the Pentagon (the American version of the 77th Brigade) is now making deep fake videos and promoting them on the internet. Armies of both the UK and the US (and, presumably, all other countries) have been eavesdropping on their own citizens for years. They are also busy hacking, spreading propaganda, sharing disinformation and demonising honest truth-tellers. These people lie all day long for a living. ‘What did you do at work today, darling?’ ‘Oh, I lied and deceived the taxpayers.’ ‘That’s nice dear.’ Do these soldiers realise they are working to destroy our society?
  10. A few days ago I warned about Israel’s plans for attacking Iran. Mark R Elsis of Earthnewspaper tells me that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that the option of attacking an Iranian nuclear facility in ‘self-defence’ must be kept open.

    ‘Horrible nuclear war will break out if Iran isn’t stopped’, said President Netanyahu of Israel, who presumably thinks that a `nice’ nuclear war is possible.
  11. The destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline by the Americans won’t be the only such attack on undersea equipment. All underwater pipelines are now vulnerable to attack – that includes oil and gas and cable too. (You can, by the way, discount the silly story spread about the Nord Stream pipeline in the mainstream media. I don’t really think it’s possible that a scuba diver went down from a yacht and cut the pipeline with a Swiss Army Penknife. I know this because the Swiss Army Penknife does not have a pipe line cutting blade.)
  12. The sanctions against Russia, which have hit the EU and the UK so hard, have done nothing to Russia. The fact is that Russia has done more drilling for oil in the last year than in the last decade. Russian rail-freight volumes heading east now exceed rail-freight volumes heading west. The sanctions have pushed Russia, China and India into a becoming a combined force more than capable of taking on the United States and the EU. How could the US and the UK and the EU not realise that India would side with Russia? India has always been an ally of Russia (even without cheap oil as an inducement to friendship). In the 1960s (which most mainstream journalists don’t even know existed) India supported Russia during the Cold War (which most mainstream journalists don’t know existed). The answer is, of course, that the conspirators knew what would happen. The conspirators want a World War (which they’ve got) and the mainstream journalists will help them get whatever they want.
  13. Why has the West not interfered in the war taking place in DRC? What about Rwanda? What about Yemen? Why is Ukraine the only conflict that matters to the left wing lunatics who now run the world? The answer is obvious. It is the only conflict which helps build up World War III by damaging the global economy.
  14. A drone from Ukraine attacked a Russian ambulance and killed four health workers. The Ukraine forces have also attacked Russian fire fighters – who claimed that the attacks were deliberate.
  15. The Deep State (aka the handmaidens of the Conspirators) regularly ignore what the people and the elected politician say should be done. Electors no longer have any control over their nations. Even when the people succeed in `winning’ an election the fact is that nothing will change. Civil servants, academics, the media, the judges and the establishment in general do exactly what they want to do and we are all expected to submit to their whims and fancies. Do you know anyone who wants a nuclear war? No, nor do I. But the Deep State (comprised of woke left wing lunatics masquerading as liberals) wants a nuclear war, and unless we do something to remove them then they will get their wish.
  16. Thanks to for letting me know that Shropshire Council is to spend £7 million on housing for Ukrainian and Afghan refugees. Apparently, up to 30 new homes could be provided for homeless refugees with this money. The council has received £3.2 million from the Government (but will have to hand this back if it hasn’t spent the money by November) and it has added local money so that it has more to spend. (The Government has given £500 million of taxpayers’ money to 182 councils for providing homes – largely for Ukrainians.)
  17. The British Army spent £5.5 billion on Ajax armoured vehicles. The Ministry of Defence signed a fixed price contract in 2014 with a company called General Dynamics. It was agreed that British taxpayers would buy 589 vehicles with the first to be delivered in 2017. Sadly, there were problems with noise and vibration and the hearing of soldiers was damaged. Payments to the company were halted but £3.2 billion had already been handed over. The vehicles are now being tested again and it is hoped that the trials will be completed in 18 months (!). The company has dealt with the problem by providing better seat cushions and supplying soldiers with ear defenders. I wonder how many brilliant minds were involved in finding those solutions. I could have happily offered those solutions in two minutes for my usual consulting fee of £1 billion.
  18. Only 30% of Germany’s tanks are operational.
  19. The ever expanding World War III will enable the banksters to deny their debts. China, for example, holds many billions of dollars. If China is dragged into a war with the US, those debts will be cancelled. The War will also enable the big banks to deny their obligations to their customers. Millions of customers will see their savings disappear overnight.
  20. ‘Now is not the time for peace talks,’ – Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of UK who presumably thinks that now is the time for more killing and more bombing.

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