Why the Cost of Oil, Gas and Electricity Will Go Up and Up

The following article first appeared on my website on 7th January 2022 (before the sanctions against Russia triggered a response). It is well worth re-reading.

‘Thanks to the idiotic climate change cultists one of two things is going to happen in the coming decade.

Either everything is going to stop working and most of us are going to die, cold and hungry.

Or, I suspect that the oil and gas industry is going to be the most dramatic investment opportunity of my lifetime – and yours too I suspect.

Bullied, pushed and conned by mad global warming cultists, governments everywhere are promising to do away with fossil fuels. There is much talk of oil and gas being left in the ground unused and unwanted.

But fossil fuels provide the great majority of our energy supply – and will do so for decades to come.

Wind power and solar polar are unreliable and inefficient and they provide only a tiny percentage of our energy needs. Biomass (by far the greatest source of so-called renewable energy) is worse for the environment than coal. All those trees have to be chopped down, cut up, moved around in lorries, loaded onto ships and then transported vast distances before they are burnt to create electricity. Biomass is neither efficient nor environmentally sound.

Other ‘alternative’ fuels are equally useless. Hydrogen, as I have explained before, is no more than a joke.

Nuclear energy is sound, clean and surprisingly safe but the greens don’t like it, and it takes at least ten years to build a functioning nuclear power plant, so we can discount nuclear power.

(Note: Wind and solar power provide less than 5% of our electricity and can safely be ignored. And they don’t work on dull, still days.)

That leaves us dependent for the foreseeable future on oil, gas and (dare I mention it) coal.

The oil and gas industries have been demonised for some years now. Pension funds and investment funds are bullied by noisy pressure groups, into not investing in them. Banks have been pressured into not lending money to companies exploring for new supplies. Oil and gas companies have been harassed and vilified. As a result exploration for new supplies of oil and gas has slowed dramatically.

In 2014, companies spent $900 billion a year looking for oil and gas. Today they spend around a third of that.

The same thing has happened to coal – even though many countries, particularly China, are busy building new coal fired plants.

And yet our consumption of oil, gas and coal isn’t going down. The world still runs almost entirely on energy derived from fossil fuels. And this isn’t going to change for generations to come.

The oil fields which have supplied us in the past are running out.

The result is that oil and gas prices are going to continue to soar for years to come. Oh, of course, they will go up and down. But the trend will, I believe, be upwards.

Thanks to the mad green global warming nutters, I honestly don’t think there has been a bigger investment opportunity in my lifetime than there is at the moment – in oil and gas!

Just my thought. Theoretically.

But I’m not qualified to give investment advice, of course, so don’t take any notice of me. Meanwhile, however, I think it’s a safe bet that the cost of petrol, diesel, gas, coal and electricity will continue to soar.

Why is electricity going to be more expensive?

That’s simple.

Most of it is produced from fossil fuels.’

Vernon Coleman’s book A Bigger Problem than Climate Change deals with the energy problem and is available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon.