Who said: Deprive them all of food and water?

Actually, two groups said this: the Nazis during World War II, when they were killing Jews, and the NHS in the UK, which has deprived elderly patients of food and water in order to kill them.

The Nazis who were responsible for this policy were executed for war crimes.

The NHS staff were applauded, given bars of chocolate and collectively awarded the George Cross for betraying the British people.

Vernon Coleman’s new book is called NHS: what’s wrong and how to put it right. It is packed with advice on how to rescue the moribund NHS from the hands of the bureaucrats and staff who have betrayed millions and created an over-bureaucratic, failing institution which, on balance, now does more harm than good. NHS: what’s wrong and how to put it right contains the most accurate, independent and searching assessment of the NHS ever published and is vital reading for anyone interested in health care in the UK – and anyone anywhere in the world who is interested in socialised medicine.