Where have all the videos gone?

There used to be links on www.vernoncoleman.org (under the Video heading) which led directly to my videos on Brand New Tube. Tens of thousands of people from around the world used to look at the old videos every week so they were a useful educational tool – designed to help educate as many people as possible.

I’m afraid these links no longer work because the videos were removed. Indeed, the platform disappeared.

However, the transcripts for all the videos are still present and correct.

The good news is that reading transcripts is quicker than watching videos and you don’t have to sit and look at me. I had never monetised any of my videos so if removing the videos was part of the plan to starve me to death it won’t work.

The originals of well over 300 of my videos have now disappeared though I understand that copies are available on many other platforms such as Bitchute.

I shouldn’t be surprised, I suppose. Mohammad Butt, the boss at BNT was officially warned a long time ago to remove my videos from the platform or else…

And this is clearly the ‘or else’…

And I’ve been lied about and abused all over the media and I’ve now been banned or barred from almost every possible avenue – including all mainstream media, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social media.

I don’t plan on making any more videos. One way or another they always seem to get removed by censors or hackers so there doesn’t seem much point – and they attract too much abuse from a special breed of mindless, bullying and abusive trolls who seem unduly excited by moving pictures and driven exclusively by a potent mixture of ignorance, arrogance, venom and spite.

However, I continue to put new material on my two websites most days. The website addresses are www.vernoncoleman.com and www.vernoncoleman.org.

(I have two sites so that if the hackers manage to take down one site there will be a chance that the other one will still be there. There are over 3,000 attempts to take down each site each month – that’s around 6,000 attempts in total, every month. We keep up-to-date offline copies of both websites. It is notable that governments and conspirators prefer to silence me rather than to debate with me – that probably tells us all we need to know about them.)

Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

And, remember, you are not alone.