What’s happening to Your Money?

  1. Central banks (including the Bank of England, the European Central Bank, the Federal Reserve) all failed to spot that inflation was coming. Why in the name of everything fiscal do we give money to these incompetent, overpaid buffoons? And why does anyone take any notice of what they say? It wasn’t difficult to see that inflation was coming. (I warned that inflation was coming fast and hard two years ago. I told you it was going into double figures.) Similarly, it was easy to see (and again you could have read it on this website) that interest rates were going up. The days of absurdly low, artificial interest rates are over. They’ve served their purpose – and lined up millions of people for penury, bankruptcy and homelessness. (You’ll find more about inflation in my book Moneypower.)
  2. The idiots in governments keep saying that energy prices will fall next year. But they’re either being very, very stupid or they are lying. There is no way that energy prices are going to fall. They may go up and down a bit but the trend will be upwards. The officially supported and protected global warming cultists will ensure that energy prices go higher by helping to prevent oil companies finding new supplies. This winter is going to be a doddle compared to next winter. If you agree with me it might be a good idea to make appropriate plans. Congratulate yourself if you have a working chimney.
  3. In the UK, the crypto-fascist-communist Government is now telling us how to heat our homes. They’re banning gas boilers and log burners and they want us all to install heat pumps and cavity wall insulation. They can sod off. When they pay my heating bills they can decide how it’s heated.
  4. The rise in energy prices is buggering up all industry – including service industries and manufacturing industries. Unemployment is bound to rise.
  5. This isn’t directly to do with your money but it’s good for a laugh. Truss’s special advisor is called Jason Stein. I’m told he used to work as a communications adviser to Prince Andrew. That went well, didn’t it?
  6. The NHS budget is around £130 billion a year. When I last looked the outstanding compensation claims came to £83 billion. That doesn’t leave a lot left for treating patients. And remember, patients usually only win compensation when medical staff have made mistakes. Remind me again why people were told to clap NHS staff. And why the NHS was given the George Medal.
  7. In her 20 minutes as Prime Minister, the appalling Truss was keen to boost immigration. I believe that the hope was that if more people come into Britain then the country will look busier and more productive. It’s yet more bollocks, of course. Immigration will only add to Britain’s wealth if the newcomers add more than around £34,000 a year to the Gross Domestic Product. Truss may have believed that all those immigrants crossing the Channel in rubber boats would each earn more than £34,000 as high flying IT specialists and investment bankers but I have my doubts. My guess is that Britain’s new Prime Minister will be Sir Klaus Schwab, the famous conspirator. He will take office using the name ‘Sunak’.
  8. The crazed enthusiasts who supported Modern Monetary Theory (which suggests that governments can spend as much as they want and then simply print more money to pay for it) have gone very quiet now that their mad scheme has gone bad.
  9. Let us spare a moment for Gordon the Moron (which just happened to be the title of my book about Gordon Brown). Gordon didn’t just sell our gold at the bottom of the market (and tell everyone what he was going to do before he did it) but he also gave the Bank of England independence. That was a brilliant move, too, wasn’t it?
  10. Food prices are going to continue to soar. New laws brought in by the Government in the UK mean that nearly half of all arable land in huge areas of Britain will have to be left to go wild. The mad re-wilding scheme will result in an abundance of nettles, docks, giant hogweed, Japanese knotweed and brambles. But a shortage of food. Brilliant.
  11. The International Monetary Fund wants Central Bank digital currencies to be programmed and used alongside a social credit system. You’ll only be able to spend `your’ money on goods and services which are approved. You’ll be able to buy a pound of roast grasshoppers. But no sweets, no cakes and no booze. If you want to know more about how social credit works and why you should be terrified please read my book Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street
  12. Shops, hairdressers and so on will face a rise in business rates of over 10% next year. This will add a collective £3 billion to their business rates bill. ‘This massive rise should get rid of whatever shops and other businesses are left after the winter,’ said a proud Government spokesman. ‘Those who say we don’t know what we doing simply don’t know what they’re saying.’

NB 1. The BBC has been asked to apologise. The BBC reported that Liz Truss had resigned as Prime Minister and she had. This unprecedented break with tradition has appalled MPs who have demanded that the BBC broadcast an apology for publishing a fact.

NB 2. It has been decided that everyone in the country will now take their turn at being either Prime Minister or Chancellor of the Exchequer. The first `lucky’ winners will be selected via the National Lottery and will stay in office for one week each.

Social Credit: Nightmare on Your Street by Vernon Coleman is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook. If you’d rather hide from the truth buy something by Enid Blyton instead.