We’re all stuffed. If You Live In Britain you’re very stuffed

On May 17th 2020, I made a video called ‘Coronavirus: Why the economy won’t bounce back‘.

At the end of the video I said: ‘We are heading for a global depression like nothing there has ever been before. We are being manipulated and we’re going back to the days before the Industrial Revolution days. And I’m afraid I don’t think it’s happening by accident.‘

(If you want to watch the video you can find it here)

At the time, central banks and finance ministers were all claiming that there would be no long-term effects from the lockdowns and the alleged pandemic. They dismissed talk of rising inflation and soaring interest rates as scaremongering – just as my predictions that the lockdowns would cause far more deaths than the rebranded flu were dismissed as nonsense.

So how did I know what was going to happen?


It was all predictable because it was all deliberate. For nearly three years now, nothing has happened by accident.

And now the world is heading for economic chaos: a recession that will turn into a depression that will make the 1930s look like a visit to Disneyland.

Look at what is happening in China – an economic powerhouse which, in one way or another, has driven the global economy for years. Shops and businesses are closing in huge numbers. The zero covid policy has destroyed private businesses in China. Everything is being pushed online. People are being controlled and bullied to make sure they fit well into the social credit system. Not even the Chinese Government is genuinely frightened of a disease that has probably killed less people than carelessly ridden bicycles. The Chinese Government believes that fear is a much stronger motivating force than love. And China is spreading its control throughout the world. (The Chinese have lent huge amounts of money to struggling countries. The loans always come with unpleasant clauses. And, of course, China already owns much of Britain.)

But as bad as things are in China, the economic troubles are worse in Britain.

Most adults in Britain say they will be in poverty by Christmas. House prices are (as predicted) sliding faster than for years. Inflation is being driven higher and higher by huge pay demands. (Nurses, already on £27,000 to £60,000 a year, have become highwaymen threatening the public with ‘your money or your life’.) Unions are driving inflation ever higher. The ones who suffer will be the people on fixed incomes, the self-employed and the elderly.

And nowhere in the world will be as bad as the UK. We are being punished for Brexit. All the other G7 economies have already got back to their pre-fake-pandemic size. The UK hasn’t and won’t do for years. (If it ever does.)

One of the big credit ratings agencies (Fitch) recently cut the economic outlook for the UK from stable to negative.

This means that we are no longer considered a stable nation. We are officially unstable – a Third World Country. And when the Government wants to borrow money it will have to pay more to do so.

Hunt’s latest budget is merely taking us backwards. It’s an old-fashioned communism budget: more taxes and more government spending. There is nothing to help grow the economy or improve fading productivity.

Meanwhile, the attack on cash is continuing.

HSBC announced that it is to close 114 branches because people are going digital. Soon they won’t have a choice.

Cash is disappearing from the UK faster than anywhere in the world. Now, just 1% of financial transactions are in cash. Those morons queuing in cafes and newspaper shops to pay with those damned plastic cards are going to kill us all.

And the people working in banks who frown on anyone using cash don’t have any sort of future. A third of all jobs in the UK will have gone by 2030 – because of robots and automation – and many of those who will lose their jobs are in the finance industry. Bank tellers and even managers have absolutely no future.

Banks love electronic payments because they make more money. And governments want to get rid of cash because it is easier to collect taxes when everything is digital. Companies and governments love digital money because they can track what you buy and where you were when you bought it.

Even before the fake pandemic began, the UK was ageing and financially purposeless. We were worn out with low productivity, no great industry, no natural resources and no energy.

Today, the conspirators have made sure that we are without hope.

And if you think things are bad at the moment, just remember that in 1973, inflation in the UK hit 26.9%.

Naturally, no one in the mainstream media can understand what is happening.

‘It seems as though as soon as one crisis passes another comes along,’ said two commentators (separately) recently.

Absolutely. That’s the way it’s all been designed.

Everything is planned and predictable.

Meanwhile, the rich are leaving Britain as fast as they can go.

And the top few per-cent of the country’s earners pay most of the tax.

The result is Britain is doomed to become poorer and poorer.

Britain is, officially, already an unstable, Third World Country.

And I’m sorry to have to tell you that things are just going to get worse.

Who do we blame?

Well, obviously we blame the conspirators who have planned everything.

But also we have to blame the collaborators: the people who obeyed and did as they were told and ignored the warnings. We have to blame the people who wore their masks, accepted their jabs and socially distanced. We have to blame the people who criticised those of us telling the truth. We have to blame the editors who silenced us. We have to blame the idiots with apps on their phones. We have to blame the morons who pay for everything with a piece of plastic because cash is too much trouble for them.

The conspirators are evil.

The collaborators are just vanilla-plain stupid. They deserve the world we’re heading for. The problem is that they’re taking us with them.

Please watch my video entitled ‘We have eight months’. And follow the advice it contains.

If you want to know more about what is happening – and why – read my book Endgame which you can find in the bookshop.

If you don’t understand how serious things have become then I’m afraid the only advice I can give you is to fill a bucket with sand and stick your head in it.

Unless you’ve already done that, of course.