We should welcome global warming

Global warming isn’t happening. Climate change is a fraud. The cultists are simple minded, witless folk who have drunk the Kool Aid.

Like all sensible folk I believe that if global warming ever becomes a reality, instead of a convenient myth used to excuse a growing dictatorship, we should welcome it.

Energy prices are never going back down.

Oil is in increasingly short supply, and it is going to become ever more expensive to heat homes, offices, shops and public buildings.

During this winter, around 100,000 elderly citizens are going to die of the cold in the UK alone. This, of course, is exactly what the conspirators want. Most are going to die because they cannot afford to keep warm. Throughout the world there will be millions of deaths due to the cost of heating.

Even in the hottest of hot summers the number of people killed by the heat is only a fraction of that number.

A little global warming would be welcome and would save millions of lives.

Moreover, warmer weather will make it easier for us to grow crops – and to bring down the price of food.

At the moment, global warming is just a convenient myth – a weapon being used in the war currently being waged by the conspirators against the rest of us.

If it ever becomes a reality we should welcome it with open arms.

Adapted from They Want Your Money and Your Life (Vernon Coleman’s new book – available from the bookshop on this website).

We heartily recommend Zina Cohen’s book Greta’s Homework which is available on Amazon and which is full of facts. It’s the best book available on climate change. The book is subtitled: ‘101 Truths about Climate Change that Everyone Should Read (Especially Hypocritical Mythmakers)’. Inexplicably, Greta’s fans (who hate facts and have absolutely no sense of humour) absolutely hate the book and have given poor Zina a hard time.