The Way We Will Win This War

Those who have watched my videos and read my articles on this website will now realise that I believe that the coronavirus hoax is in fact a fundamental `weapon’ in a war for control of our bodies, minds and souls. The coronavirus, which has allegedly given birth to covid-19, is no more than a tool which is being used to frighten, to subdue, to oppress and to control. (Quite a few people realised early on that the risk with the coronavirus was being exaggerated but back in March of 2020, I was, I think, the first to use the word ‘hoax’ to describe the so-called pandemic, and I now think this phrase is too weak to describe fully the extent of the evil behind this offensive and fraudulent attempt to take away our freedom and our humanity.)

To win any war you must first know who your enemy is.

Our enemies are legion and include:

  1. The governments of the world and the politicians who are not in government but who would like to be.
  2. The big, powerful non- governmental organisation such as the United Nations (and its offshoots such as the World Health Organisation).
  3. The egocentric billionaires who have decided that they know best how the world should be run (and how they can increase their vast wealth by bullying us and controlling every aspect of our lives).

Our enemies have been planning the coronavirus fraud (which is no more and no less than a global coup) for many decades. The takeover of our lives may not yet have involved tanks and fighter jets but it is nonetheless a coup.

For the coup to be successful, our enemies need control. And for control they need to `own’ the world’s media.

This they have done, most successfully.

Those newspapers, television and radio which make up main stream media have been bought with massive amounts of advertising revenue.

The internet is now increasingly under control and YouTube, the biggest platform for videos, is censoring and banning those who attempt to share medical truths about this evil fraud. A quarter of my videos have been taken down because they contained facts which did not fit comfortably into the Bill Gates propaganda. Gates is the biggest financial supporter of the World Health Organisation and YouTube insists that all video makers must abide by all WHO decisions – however absurd they may be and whatever the science might show.

So, we cannot use main stream media to share the truth.

And so our use of the internet is massively limited.

Many individual websites such as this one are still operating freely, there are platforms such as Brand New Tube (where my videos now appear) which do not censor or ban material, and there are online broadcasters such as Richie Allen – whose radio show reaches vast numbers of listeners.

But the problem is that these websites, platforms and radio shows do not reach the vast majority of people. Most people still believe what they see or hear on their state broadcaster’s channels or what they read in the daily, Sunday and weekly newspapers. Most people do not yet realise that these outlets have been ‘bought’ with huge amounts of taxpayers’ money.

Right from the beginning I have encouraged those watching my videos to share them with as many people as they can. And I have encouraged readers to try to persuade others to read this website and to listen to the Richie Allen radio show.

But the enemy is moving fast and, through its control of the main stream media (which must now include YouTube) has a huge reach.

We need to move fast.

And we need to widen our reach. Things are never going to go back to the real normal unless and until we make that happen.

I believe the best way to do this is to distribute leaflets – and you are the best person to do this in your locality.

Get leaflets printed and hand them to friends, neighbours and relatives. If you have a shop put a pile of leaflets on the counter or put one in with each purchase. Or, when you are allowed to leave your home, put leaflets through letter boxes. Incidentally, it is usually cheaper to get a local print shop to print 500 or 1,000 leaflets than to print them on your own printer. Have different leaflets printed on different coloured paper.

Be warned, however: you will doubtless annoy some people. They don’t want to know. They’ll label you mad. You will be described as a conspiracy theorist, a right winger and far worse. Encouraged by the media they will try to demonise you and the truth. Because of the power held by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers they will falsely condemn you as anti-Semitic.

The truth I am afraid is that if you don’t lose a few friends then you probably won’t be making a difference.

I know using leaflets may seem old-fashioned. But leaflets are a traditional way of spreading the word. Resistance movements have used them since printing was invented. And so have individuals with an important message to share. Jonathan Swift was a great leafleteer and pamphleteer. Over the years, in the pursuit of various campaigns, I have distributed many hundreds of thousands of leaflets. (Just when a leaflet becomes a pamphlet or vice versa is a question of personal taste.) I know they can, do and will work.

Near to my desk I have a copy of a leaflet printed for Napoleon when he escaped from Elba to head back to Paris. On the road, Napoleon met the French army which had been sent to arrest him or shoot him. But the soldiers were bombarded with thousands of leaflets carrying a message from Napoleon.

And the leaflet worked.

The French army lined up behind Napoleon and followed him back to Paris.

We need to use leaflets to win over the people who are still blind to what is happening.

On this website you will find a number of pieces of text which you can use to create your own leaflets. Hundreds of thousands watch the videos and tens of thousands visit this website. Together, we are an important part of the resistance movement!

If everyone prints out a pile of leaflets – and distributes them – then we can reach millions and we will win this war.

If you want to translate the leaflets please feel free to do so – as long as your translations are honest and accurate and in the spirit of the original. (I always put a copyright line at the bottom of everything I write to prevent people stealing my work and using it improperly.)

There are enough of us to make a difference.

We owe it to ourselves to fight to protect our future.

More importantly, we have a responsibility and a duty to the frail and the vulnerable, the very young and the very old, the mentally ill and those who cannot fight for themselves.

Remember: you are not alone. Every day more and more people are waking up to the truth about the coronavirus and covid-19 and the manipulation and the fraud behind the so-called pandemic.

This is how we will win this war.