The Video that first exposed the Covid-19 Fraud

Before he was demonised and lied about for telling the truth about covid-19, the journal ‘Nursing Times’ described Vernon Coleman as: the ‘revered guru of medicine’.

Below you will find a link to the video which first exposed the covid pandemic as a fraud. The video, first published on the 18th of March 2020, was titled: ‘Coronavirus: the Hoax of the Century’.

CLICK HERE to watch the video

There is no formal script available because I didn’t use one. In February 2020 I’d written articles for my website questioning the covid fraud. But the outrageous fraud kept coming and I decided I needed a video to spread the truth more widely. Please watch it and remember it was recorded in March 2020. Everything I said was accurate. (Note that governments subsequently tried to fiddle the death totals by including anyone who died `with’ covid, or within 60 days of a useless but positive test, as a covid death.)

Within 12 hours, the video I made had been viewed over a million times and copied endlessly. Within days it really took off on YouTube and began to rival all those stupid videos of skate-boarding kangaroos and morons bathing in custard.

And then the video was censored, banned and deleted by YouTube – because it contained the truth.

No one has ever claimed the video wasn’t accurate.

They just banned it because it contradicted the lies being told by governments around the world.

From a personal point of view, this is the video that overnight triggered an avalanche of lies and abuse which destroyed my reputation, my career, my income and our lives. I had already been attacked and banned from much of the mainstream media for telling too many truths, but within days of the video I was banned from every social media site. When I tried to join Facebook I was told that I was banned. I was ejected from LinkedIn. I was banned and demonised by all mainstream media.

Would I do it again?

Of course I would. There was never any choice.

By the end of March 2020 I had published enough material to make it clear to any doctor or scientist that the authorities were lying. Covid-19 was never any worse than the annual flu. Indeed, it was the annual flu.

I have utter contempt for every doctor and scientist who didn’t speak out against the fraud. I have contempt for those who gave jabs that didn’t work and weren’t safe. I have contempt for those doctors and scientists who are only now – nearly three years late - finding the courage to speak out. Were they ignorant, stupid or crooked? Or all three? And I have contempt for journalists who have helped maintain the fraud.

They all deserve to rot in hell for helping to create and sustain the greatest and most dangerous fraud in history.

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