Vernon Coleman’s Latest Video - ‘The Collaborators Will Kill Us All’

Vernon Coleman’s latest video ‘The Collaborators Will Kill us All’ is now available on his Bitchute channel. To watch, please click here which will take you to the video on Vernon Coleman’s channel on Bitchute. If your subscription of the channel disappears – please join again! Vernon’s entire channel on YouTube was removed – together with all his fact packed videos and accurate predictions. Then BrandNewTube was told to close Vernon’s channel or suffer the consequences. Bravely, BrandNewTube ignored the threat. And the whole platform was hacked into bits. (It has just been reinvented as The conspirators are doing everything possible to stop Vernon Coleman sharing his messages. Please join his channel on so that you hear first about new videos. And if either or both websites go down we can still communicate. These are truly scary times and the harassment, suppression and plain old-fashioned banning is getting worse by the day.