Vernon Coleman: What the papers say

As a counter to the numerous lies on the internet, here are some independent media quotes from interviews and book reviews.

These quotes were all taken from material published before February/March 2020 when Dr Coleman first spoke about the coronavirus hoax.

After that the conspirators and their lackeys suddenly decided that Dr Vernon Coleman had become too dangerous and was a threat to the Great Reset.

Overnight, they decided that Dr Coleman should be demonised to stop anyone listening to the truths he was sharing.

The conspirators described him (among other lies) as a ‘discredited conspiracy theorist’.

Today, the main stream media prints only attacks, abuse and lies.

But the quotes below all appeared before February 2020.

‘Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books.’ – The Good Book Guide
‘No thinking person can ignore him.’ – The Ecologist
‘The calmest voice of reason.’ – The Observer
‘A godsend.’ – Daily Telegraph
‘Superstar.’ – Independent on Sunday
‘Brilliant!’ – The People
‘Compulsive reading.’ – The Guardian
‘His message is important.’ – The Economist
‘He’s the Lone Ranger, Robin Hood and the Equalizer rolled into one.’ – Glasgow Evening Times
‘The man is a national treasure.’ – What Doctors Don’t Tell You
‘His advice is optimistic and enthusiastic.’ – British Medical Journal
‘Revered guru of medicine.’ – Nursing Times
‘Gentle, kind and caring’ – Western Daily Press
‘His trademark is that he doesn’t mince words. Far funnier than the usual tone of soupy piety you get from his colleagues.’ – The Guardian
‘Dr Coleman is one of our most enlightened, trenchant and sensitive dispensers of medical advice.’ – The Observer
‘I would much rather spend an evening in his company than be trapped for five minutes in a radio commentary box with Mr Geoffrey Boycott.’ – Peter Tinniswood, Punch
‘Hard hitting...inimitably forthright.’ – Hull Daily Mail
‘Refreshingly forthright.’ – Liverpool Daily Post
‘Outspoken and alert.’ – Sunday Express
‘Dr Coleman made me think again.’ – BBC World Service
‘Marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible.’ – The Spectator ‘Probably one of the most brilliant men alive today.’ – Irish Times
‘King of the media docs.’ – The Independent
‘Britain’s leading medical author.’ – The Star
‘Britain’s leading health care campaigner.’ – The Sun
‘Perhaps the best known health writer for the general public in the world today.’ – The Therapist
‘The patient’s champion.’ – Birmingham Post
‘A persuasive writer whose arguments, based on research and experience, are sound.’ – Nursing Standard
‘The doctor who dares to speak his mind.’ – Oxford Mail
‘He writes lucidly and wittily.’ – Good Housekeeping