Twelve things doctors know but won’t tell you

  1. Antidepressants don’t usually work. And yet millions of people take them.
  2. Any patient in hospital who has a bed sore was incompetently nursed.
  3. Most practising doctors stop learning when they leave medical school. So if your doctor qualified ten years ago the chances are high that his knowledge is ten years out of date. Just about everything doctors learn after qualifying is fed to them by drug companies.
  4. Many medical journals are bent. They allow drug companies to suppress inconvenient results and they receive huge amounts of money in drug company advertising.
  5. Benzodiazepine tranquillisers are far more addictive and difficult to kick than heroin or cocaine. (It is now exactly 50 years since I first revealed the truth about tranquilliser addiction and other problems. Many doctors still prescribe these wretched pills for too long.)
  6. The medical establishment has absolutely no interest in the welfare of patients but is interested in promoting drug company products and obtaining bigger salaries and fees for doctors.
  7. Doctors prescribe the same doses of drugs for 25 stone men as they do for seven stone women. That’s just stupid.
  8. Older patients should be given smaller doses of most drugs. But doctors don’t bother to do this. Actually, most doctors probably don’t even know they should do this.
  9. It is deadly dangerous to try to diagnose patients without seeing them. But these days lazy doctors do this all the time – constantly making massive, lethal errors.
  10. One in six patients in hospital is there because they have been made ill by doctors.
  11. Four out of ten patients who are given a prescription drug develop side effects – sometimes lethal ones.
  12. There is now no such thing as medical confidentiality. Doctors share information they are given with vast numbers of people.

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