The Truth about the Germ Theory controversy

Most of the rather hysterical, sometimes simple minded and often abusive converts who promote the idea that there are no germs (some claim that there are no viruses but this is merely a variation on an unsustainable, pseudoscientific theme) have no medical training or practical experience and don’t realise that they are being used by the Conspirators pushing us towards the Great Reset.

It is easy to prove this.

People who promote the idea that there are no germs still have channels on YouTube. The conspirators don’t want them removed because promoting the idea that germs don’t exist is part of the conspiracy.

For over half a century now I have earned my living doing research and dispelling propaganda, lies and deceits – wherever their origin was.

I have worked as a hospital doctor and a GP principal and I have edited two medical journals and written papers for many more. I founded and edited my own medical journal which eventually had to close after an expensive legal action brought by a syndicate of drug companies. I never accepted any advertising for my journal – which I had to subsidise with my book earnings. I’ve also written scores of papers for numerous medical and scientific journals.

But, like most truth-tellers, my YouTube channel was removed in its entirety. YouTube even told me that I wasn’t allowed to look at other people’s videos. And YouTube went back years to remove TV programmes and appearances I’d made decades ago.

Whatever reputation I had before I was monstered and vilified by Google et al was built on one simple fact: I told the truth about vaccines, drugs and scandalously over-promoted diseases such as AIDS and covid-19. Many years ago I was the first doctor to point out that doctors were one of the top three causes of death and illness – alongside cancer and circulatory disorders.

I was for a while confused as to why anyone should believe such an obvious nonsense that there are no germs until I realised that the whole `no germ’ operation was a military psy-op.

I have yet to meet one qualified medical doctor who believes that germs don’t exist. And I honestly don’t see how anyone who understands the human body and health care could possibly believe such nonsense. Are there really any educated people arrogant enough to think they are more intelligent than Fracastorio, van Leeuwenhoek, Petty, Holmes, Fleming, Lister, Semmelweis and Snow?

And remember: those pushing the idea that there are no germs are allowed to remain on YouTube!

Many of those who claim that there are no germs have little or no understanding of the human body and have no practical clinical experience; they are, in short, ultracrepidarians of the worst and most dangerous kind.

The key, of course, is that the noisy group of people who claim that there are no germs (not a few of whom also turn out to believe that the earth is flat) are often allowed to roam freely on YouTube and social media because the conspirators regard them as a valuable asset rather than a threat.

And some of them are downright vicious. Individuals denying the existence of germs (probably controlled by the conspirators and the intelligence agencies) have lied about me, attacked me and threatened me. I get attacked more by the Conspirators and Globalists than any other doctor on earth. This has been going on for decades. And the folk who don’t believe in the existence of germs (largely the same people) seem to have decided to put the boot in too.

Every time I make a video, the comments section contains gibberish from idiots who have no medical knowledge or experience whatsoever – but who are convinced that they are right and that there are no germs or infectious diseases. (Actually, I sometimes suspect that the vocal critics are probably just a relatively small number of people who pretend not to believe there are any germs. They are members of the CIA, use a hundred false names and spend all their days putting rude messages on anything sensible which they think could threaten the Great Reset.)

I’ve had two quite seriously intended death threats from people claiming that there are no germs – fanatics who were quite unable to produce any evidence for their claims.

And remember – some of those arguing that there are no germs are still allowed on YouTube for heaven’s sake! I think this is significant. As a general rule any writer or doctor who still has open access to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any of the social media is surely not considered a threat to the Great Reset. Similarly anyone with a Wikipedia page which doesn’t make them look like a combination of Ghengis Khan and Jack the Ripper is clearly being supported by the conspirators. My own long established Wikipedia page was suddenly torn apart and rewritten and stuffed with nonsense after I made a truthful video about covid-19 in March 2020.

The notion that germs don’t exist is, in my view, in the same category as the idea that the earth is flat, the myth that global warming is real and the nonsense that vaccines are safe and good.

I believe the bizarre theory that there are no germs was designed to split the resistance movement and to make people look stupid for supporting the idea. And it has been very efficient at doing exactly that.

I fear that the essentially doomed campaign to convince the world that there are no germs and no infectious diseases has torn the truth movement in half and destroyed whatever chance we had of defeating the dark forces of the conspirators. I firmly believe that the CIA has been responsible for promoting the idea that germs don’t exist. The CIA knows darned well that the public will never take anyone seriously if they argue that there are no germs. Most people are only too well aware of the way that colds, flu, measles and chickenpox, etc. spread through families, schools and co-workers.

Since I have been banned, abused and lied about more than any other doctor in the resistance movement, and since I have now been attacking drug companies and the medical establishment for well over half a century, I feel entitled to make a small contribution to what could have been a debate but has simply been yet another excuse for fist waving.

I am afraid that my comments will upset some people who have been tricked into believing that there are no germs, but the conspirators have destroyed my career and reputation because I have told the truth about covid, drug companies, vaccines, etc. and I see no reason to suppress the truth about germs in order to avoid upsetting a few people who don’t believe germs exist.

To put my views in perspective, I should point out that in addition to researching and writing about drug treatment, iatrogenesis and drug side effects, I have been writing about the power of the human body to defend itself for well over 50 years – with enthusiasm. Back in the 1970s and 1980s I wrote hundreds of thousands of words about the power and self-repairing capabilities of the human body in remaining healthy and resisting disease – both in dozens of articles and in books which sold around the world and introduced the concept to millions. I have continued to write about these principles (and, in particular, the way in which the human body can protect and heal itself) in many of my books. I think I am entitled to say, therefore, that, unlike those who hurl abuse at me, and who decorate their abuse with extraordinary flashes of ignorance, I know of what I speak.

So, here are some indisputable facts:

  1. Those who do not believe in germ theory seem uncertain as to the parameters of their argument. Some talk about germs and some specify viruses. Some say there are no infectious diseases. And some say that the human body has no immune system. The less well educated (who seem prolific in their writings, usually prefer to remain anonymous and display a breath-taking mixture of arrogance and ignorance) really do need to understand that not all germs are viruses – there are also bacteria for example. Since the most commonly expressed theory seems to be that there are no germs, let’s stick with that for the moment.
  2. Like most people I have known about the germ theory since nearly everyone in my primary school class caught chickenpox at the same time. More confirmatory evidence was provided weekly when I was a GP and saw numerous infectious diseases spread through families and communities.
  3. Those who claim that there are no infectious diseases should take a look a little more at the science of epidemiology. As a starting point I recommend the excellent work of Dr Pickles who practised in Yorkshire, England in the 20th century. He was a GP but his ground-breaking work on the spread of infections was of vital importance. No one can claim to understand germ theory without a proper understanding of the science of epidemiology, and once you understand epidemiology it is impossible not to accept germ theory. The science and principles of epidemiology stand upon germ theory as writing stands upon the alphabet.
  4. Those who would like to dismiss germ theory completely must first explain away Dr John Snow’s success in ridding an area of London of cholera, simply by removing the Broad Street pump handle. This, of course, is quite impossible unless you accept germ theory. Snow has always been widely regarded within the medical profession as the most significant medical thinker of all time. You cannot begin to understand the significance of infectious disease in medical practice without reading ‘The Case Books of Dr John Snow’. Also, how do those who dismiss Germ Theory explain the spread of smallpox amongst Native American Indians when they were given infected blankets by the Spanish?
  5. Those who dismiss the germ theory are replete with opinions, assertions, misinterpretations, extrapolations and anecdotes but not much in the way of science. Shouting and hurling abuse are not evidence but are, rather, a meaningless distraction from more vital issues. Attempts to argue against germ theory are impossible to sustain in scientific terms and are rather akin to trying to argue that the earth is flat. (I have noted that many of those who claim that germs do not exist also claim that the earth is flat. I suspect that this is not a coincidence.)
  6. The controversy over the germ theory has been adopted by fifth columnists and controlled opposition. These are frequently bullies and are responsible for much of the abuse and arrant pseudoscientific nonsense appearing online. Their plan is a simple one: to make the truth-tellers look stupid to the rest of the world by claiming that germs and infections don’t exist – and to annoy those of us who have been telling the truth since the start of this conspiracy. I fear that anyone who complains about this short article will, wittingly or unwittingly, be representing the conspiracy.
  7. I wonder how many of those who claim there are no germs would be willing to have a surgical operation without the surgeon washing his hands or wearing gloves. In Victorian times (pre-Lister) surgeons would operate in their street clothes and sharpen their knives on the soles of their boots. Most of the patients who were subjected to surgical procedures under these conditions died from infections contracted on the operating table. Do those who don’t believe in germs really believe that patients died or survived by coincidence? Lister proved the significance of germs in the operating theatre beyond any question. His work was vital.
  8. I strongly urge those who do not believe in the existence of germs to study the observations and experience of Dr Ignaz Semmelweis. They will find his experiences instructive. If there is no germ theory then Semmelweis was wrong and Semmelweis cannot have been wrong because his actions, in putting his theory into practice and dramatically reducing the incidence of puerperal fever in the hospital where he worked, proved that he was right. All women who go safely through childbirth owe Semmelweis a big thank you. The history of medicine is packed with similar stories which are ignored as simply ‘inconvenient’ by those who foolishly claim that there are no germs and no infections.
  9. In February 2020 when I first questioned the covid threat on my website and argued that the so-called coronavirus threat was no more than the annual flu rebranded, I was immediately attacked by the conspirators’ handmaidens. However, I have proved time and time again (using government statistics) that covid-19 is merely the rebranded flu. Even the WHO admitted that when covid-19 appeared the traditional flu disappeared. And the figures show that the number of deaths caused by covid-19 matched the number of deaths from the flu in previous years. Covid-19 was nothing more nor less than the annual flu but it was deliberately marketed to create fear and provide an excuse to introduce a toxic vaccine.

Finally, here is a question for all those who do not believe in the existence of germs: ‘If you ever need an operation (and I hope you don’t) would you be happy for the surgeon to sharpen his knife on the sole of his boot and wipe the blade on the tail of his coat (which is what surgeons used to do before principles of asepsis were introduced) or would you rather that he washed his hands and used sterilised instruments to reduce the risk of infection?

Vernon Coleman’s first book about the covid fraud is called Coming Apocalypse and was published in April 2020. It was the first book to be written about covid and the covid fraud. In Coming Apocalypse, Vernon Coleman explained that the hoax had been deliberately invented to kill old people, get rid of cash and introduce a programme of compulsory vaccination. Events showed these predictions to be absolutely accurate. Dr Coleman has been writing about doctors, drugs, drug companies and iatrogenesis for over 50 years, is the author of the world’s best-selling book on vaccines (Anyone who tells you vaccines are safe and effective is lying: Here’s the Proof) and has for many years been acknowledged to be the leading author on health matters.