Things you need to know (but which the mainstream media won’t tell you)

  1. If a child who is developing normally has a vaccination of any type and then regresses (and loses mental or physical functions) then, in my professional view, the vaccine is responsible – unless and until proved otherwise. I am, by the way, constantly amazed at the number of people who are noisily publicly opposed to the covid-19 jab but who remain enthusiastic about the scores of vaccines given to small children. These vaccines, let me remind you, are given without adequate long-term safety testing. (Enthusiastic supporters of vaccines, who claim that they are perfectly safe, might like to try to explain why governments have, over the years, handed out billions in compensation to patients damaged by prescribed vaccines.)
  2. Given Sunak’s family links to the WEF I suspect that if Sunak is elected Britain’s next Prime Minister (by a tiny constituency of Tory party members, let us not forget) then our real prime Minister will be a fellow called Sir Klaus Schwab. Shocked and terrified Britons will be begging the awful Boris Johnson to return.
  3. I’ll pay the BBC £10,000 to let me debate covid live for thirty minutes on peak time national television or radio with their favoured health expert Devi Sridhar. We could, among other things, discuss the safety and effectiveness of the covid-19 jab.
  4. The wild, unbridled enthusiasm for women to take part in professional sports, triggered by the success of the women’s football team, should be welcomed with a proviso. Modern professional sport is a high stress business. As more and more women get involved in high level sports, so the difference in life expectation between men and women will continue to shrink.
  5. I had my first mobile telephone in the 1980s. It was the size and weight of two house bricks and filled a briefcase. I needed it because I was writing daily features for national newspapers. My next phone was much smaller and could run on AA batteries if its internal battery ran out. My current mobile phone is 2G. When I saw news headlines announcing that 2G phones were to be withdrawn I was alarmed. And then I discovered that smart meters use 2G. I now feel quite safe with my 2G phone. Isn’t that delightful? If they turn off my old phone they’ll also turn off all those damned smart meters. Sometimes life can be exquisite. (Incidentally, do the mad enthusiasts who welcomed the 5G phones know that there will soon be 6G phones and those wretched 5G devices will be as out of date as leech jars?)
  6. Farmers seem to think they are fighting a battle for survival against the green, climate change group think loonies. They should be so lucky. They are really fighting the conspirators whose plan it is to close all farms, market gardens and allotments. If farmers and their supporters don’t have the brains to join us in the Resistance Movement then they are lost. The widely promoted re-wilding schemes are even dottier than the set-a-side scheme so loved by the EU
  7. The Bank of England’s affordability test existed to ensure that home buyers could cope with a three per cent percentage rise in interest rates. Now that inflation is soaring, unemployment is going up, costs are rising and interest rates going up, the Bank of England has abandoned the affordability test. The only conceivable reason for this that I can think of is that the removal of the test will lead to more re-possessions and more bankruptcies. Bit blatant, don’t you think?
  8. In 2023, the EU will introduce a new ‘Entry Exit System’ which will enable electronic readers to capture the names, fingerprints and facial images of all travellers. Plus the date and place of entry and exit. Travellers won’t be able to enter the EU without handing over their fingerprints and facial images.
  9. Germany is about to slide back into the Dark Ages. In a panic (and thanks to the mad greenies) the Germans decided to close down their nuclear power plants. And so, guess what? Germany is now reopening its coal power plants. I bet the greenies love that. Meanwhile, preparations for the winter are racing ahead in Germany. There is talk of rationing hot water for private households. Surely Western politicians started all this by pushing Russia into a war and then introducing sanctions designed to punish ordinary citizens all over the world – particularly in Africa and Asia where hundreds of millions will die as a direct result of those sanctions.
  10. The world is heading for a very dark and cold winter. Energy dependent businesses are going to have to close (partly because of the high price of energy and partly because of rationing). Factories and shops may have to go onto a three day week. Staff will be encouraged to work from home (but most will simply sit and watch TV or use zoom to chat) and we’ll be back to enforced lockdowns and damaged productivity. Unemployment is going to rise. And, whatever the politicians may say, taxes will have to stay high (and probably go higher) to pay for it all. Just thought you’d like to know. Oh, there is one bright point: as things get tougher more and more people will revert to using cash – instead of flashing their plastic. The progress to a digital world may slow a little.

Vernon Coleman’s book Endgame explains how we got here – and where the conspirators want us to end up. It’s essential reading for anyone wanting to know the truth about why we are losing our freedom, our privacy and our humanity.