Things are never going back to normal

Those who describe the truthtellers as conspiracy theorists might like to remember Occam’s Razor. When many things seem to be happening together, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

  1. No one with functioning brain tissue wants to keep sanctions against Russia or to keep supplying Ukraine with billions of pounds worth of bombs and bullets that we cannot afford. No one wants net zero. But the 0.01% have taken control, using mad cultists as weapons to terrorise politicians, media and investors into accepting these crazy notions. Why have so many stayed silent and allowed the lunatics to take over? Shame on them. They have woven their own nooses.
  2. The middle classes and the working classes will soon be replaced by a slave class. Anyone who denies this possibility is probably already a member of the slave class.
  3. The National Theatre in the UK has said that Shakespearean plays need actors with foreign accents to represent modern Britain. A spokesperson said that ‘stage performances should be more inclusive of the array of languages spoken’ and that this might include actors who had left Ukraine. I believe that the aim of those who want to abolish our culture and our history is to abolish our pride in our heritage. The conspirators know that slaves cannot be allowed to look back or to take pride in their history. (Meanwhile, I can’t see the Comedie Francaise hiring many Scottish or Cockney actors to strangle Moliere.)
  4. Those who claim that are unafraid of cancel culture have not been cancelled. One of the litter tray publications carried a headline the other day which crowed ‘I’m not scared of cancel culture’. You haven’t been cancelled, love, if you can talk about cancellation in a national newspaper. Those of us telling the truth about covid et al have been censored, banned, demonised and silenced. We have been truly cancelled. It is, incidentally, easy to see which broadcasters are part of the conspiracy by looking to see which have never allowed a full and proper debate about the toxic covid jabs. (For the record I haven’t been on GB News. Not invited. Wouldn’t go anyway.)
  5. The NHS sent Antoinette a letter inviting her to a breast screening examination to see if she has cancer. Since the same part of the NHS has been treating her breast cancer for three years you would think that they would care enough to know, wouldn’t you? Maybe they need to invest in a computer. Or, instead of spending £40 million on useless diversity officers, they could spend £40 million on teaching staff the importance of caring.
  6. There are idiots who say you can make fossil fuels in your kitchen. These are the same idiots who say that there are no germs and no infectious diseases and that we must all eat meat even if it does cause cancer. And they’re the same idiots who say the earth is flat. They probably believe in the tooth fairy too. Every village needs an idiot and these days the idiots are often controlled opposition. I suspect that these indefensibly unscientific notions have all been adopted and promoted heavily, and with malice aforethought, by the conspirators themselves because they know that they will cause confusion – and prevent sensible scientists and doctors from accepting the truth about the fake pandemic, the toxic jabs and the dangers of social credit.
  7. I’m afraid that none of my videos is currently available on All my videos were banned, censored and removed by YouTube (which banned me for life – and even banned me from accessing their site and looking at other people’s videos). And hackers took down my videos from BrandNewTube – taking down the whole site in the process. BNT had previously been warned that if my videos weren’t removed the site would be in danger. At first I assumed that the videos on BNT were removed by hackers. I now suspect that the removal of the videos was rather more official and there is little point in making more videos for them to be removed. There are copies of many of my videos available on other sites such as Bitchute and the scripts of all my videos are available on both my websites and Many of the scripts are also available in two books Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History and Covid-19: Exposing the Lies – both of which can be purchased via the Book shop on
  8. It is interesting is it not that although most of the tax changes which were introduced in the disastrous mini Budget have been cancelled, the removal of the cap on bankers’ bonuses has not been rescinded.
  9. I made a video on 1st July 2020 entitled They’re going to starve us and freeze us to death. The video disappeared long ago, of course. But the transcript is available for those who laughed at the time.
  10. There are plans in Western Australia for an Emergency Bill which will give the Government power to force people to have covid tests or jabs, the power to forcefully quarantine people in concentration camps or under house arrest, to take away property or vehicles, to destroy buildings, vehicles, crops and animals; to prohibit movement; to shut off electricity or other fuel supplies, to confiscate food, fuel and water. Covid officers can issue fines of $1,000 to $20,000 for non-compliant citizens. The fines can increase to $50,000 if individuals exercise their right to defend themselves in court. All this for the flu.
  11. Legislation in Queensland will make it illegal for doctors to express their views on health issues. The Government there will have the power to silence doctors who disagree with the official view. In practice this is nothing new. Doctors around the world have, for some time now, been punished for expressing their views on controversial medical treatments – even when evidence shows that those treatments are harmful.
  12. Charles, the alleged King of England et al, has been allowed to vet legislation in Scotland because the legislation could affect tenants on his Balmoral estate. Charlie’s mother, Queen Elizabeth II, was allegedly allowed to vet at least 67 pieces of legislation that affected her personal property and power. Would someone please dig up O.Cromwell Esq. We clearly need him.

Vernon Coleman’s book Coleman’s Laws: The Twelve Medical Truths You Must Know to Survive is available on Amazon as a paperback and an eBook.