These are the real Reasons why Cancer Rates are Soaring

The medical and scientific establishment, and the mainstream media, are now claiming that pollution and environmental problems explain the massive rise in cancer cases. They are either stupid or they are lying. Environmental problems are not a new problem. It is not a problem which explains the rise in cancer cases. Pollution and environmental problems are far less significant now than they were 50 years ago.

The rise in cancer today has two causes.

First, the closure of GP surgeries and hospital departments meant that patients weren’t investigated and weren’t treated and that waiting lists lengthened to the point where millions will die while waiting to be seen. It is no exaggeration to say that no country treats cancer patients as badly as Britain.

Second, the covid-19 ‘vaccines’ are creating new cancers and they are triggering old cancers to come back. The covid jabs are, without a doubt, the most lethal pharmaceutical products ever invented. Only fools cannot see that, and only liars, cheats, frauds and crooks deny it.

How can I be so sure that pollution and environmental problems aren’t the cause of the current rise in cancer? Because 46 years ago I wrote a book called Paper Doctors which contained a warning about environmental problems and air, water and food pollution. I was writing about this stuff before today’s so-called experts were born. Since then the only thing that has changed is that the extent of the pollution has fallen.

In Paper Doctors in 1977 I pointed out how the 20th century had seen a steady deterioration again in the quality of the environment and that this deterioration was undoubtedly responsible for much of the illness and many of the early deaths which still plague us. (Paper Doctors is now available again as a paperback. I think that anyone who is interested in medical research, medical science and health care would still find it educational.)

I explained that a greater general understanding of the pollutants responsible for ill health, and the ways in which those pollutants could be eradicated or controlled, would without doubt contribute greatly to the eradication and control of much sickness. And a greater understanding did develop – triggered in part by my book which was hugely influential.

In assessing the size of the problem I pointed out that ‘It took 1700 years, from the year 1 to the year 1700, for the world population to double. The next doubling took from 1700 to 1850 and the present world population of about 4,000 million will double in the next 35 years.’

(That was pretty accurate.)

I pointed out, in 1977, that a total of about 5 million cubic metres of domestic sewage and 3 million cubic metres of industrial waste were discharged daily along the south and east coasts of Britain, together with 7 million cubic metres of cooling water from power stations. I also explained that about 10 million tons of industrial waste were tipped each year, half a million tons being toxic or acidic.

I pointed out that advances in technology add daily to the environmental hazards and that motor cars and factories poured out enormous quantities of potentially poisonous substances. I noted that about 2,000 cases of lead poisoning had been reported in slum neighbourhoods of Chicago in a single year, that fourteen youngsters had died and that 40 per cent of the rest had suffered some neurological damage or some mental retardation.

And I pointed out that our atmosphere was then heavily polluted with carbon monoxide, sulphur compounds, pesticides, mercury, lead, asbestos and countless other potentially toxic and mutagenic substances which could be absorbed by an exposed person without being aware of their presence in his environment. This is the real danger with environmental pollutants. They diminish the quality of life but they do it so slowly and insidiously that the victim does not complain. I pointed out that in a Mexican village it was found that local peasants had got accustomed to drinking water which contained large quantities of arsenic and that in Britain hundreds of thousands of men and women had chronic chest conditions which were caused or exacerbated by the air they breathed.

The important thing is these problems have not suddenly appeared. Cancer is NOT being caused now by a sudden rise in pollution or by climate change problems.

Government figures prove that the incidence of cancer is massively higher because of the various responses to the fake pandemic and, in particular, the toxic covid-19 pseudo-vaccine – which was known to be dangerous before it was rolled out to billions of people. No wonder Bill Gates insisted that drug companies be granted immunity from prosecution.

Paper Doctors by Vernon Coleman was published in 1977. A new paperback edition of Paper Doctors is now available through the bookshop on this website.

Quotes from some of the reviews of Paper Doctors when it was published in 1977 (long before Vernon Coleman became a ‘discredited conspiracy theorist’).

Dr Coleman writes with more sense than bias. Required reading for any Minister of Health

Daily Express

I hope this book becomes a bestseller among doctors, nurses and the wider public…

Nursing Times

Few would disagree with Dr Coleman that more should be done about prevention.

The Lancet

Dr Coleman’s well-coordinated book could not be more timely.

Yorkshire Post

This short but very readable book has a message that is timely. Vernon Coleman’s point is that much of the medical research into which money and expertise are poured is useless. At the same time, remedial conditions of mind and body which cause the most distress are largely neglected. This is true.

Daily Telegraph

If you believe Dr Vernon Coleman, the main beneficiaries of the hundred million pounds worth of research done in this country each year are certainly not the patients. The research benefits mostly the medical place seekers, who use their academic investigations as rungs on the promotional ladder, or drug companies with an eye for the latest market opening… The future may hold bionic superman but all a nation’s physic cannot significantly change the basic mortality statistics except sometimes, to make them worse.

The Guardian