There has been a global coup (Part Three)

The aim of the coup was and is to destroy economies, push up inflation, push up interest rates, bankrupt home owners, wreck small businesses and force country dwellers into soul-less high rise blocks of flats. Until you understand this you won’t understand anything. The rises in interest rates, inflation and oil prices were the easiest to predict.

Oddly, the traditional flu disappeared completely but the deaths from covid were almost exactly the same as the deaths from the missing flu. (In fact the figures later showed that covid-19 was quite a mild flu.) The authorities exaggerated the long-term effects of the rebranded flu – their so-called long covid – and dismissed and suppressed the lethal effects of the most profitable, ineffective and dangerous treatment in history – promoting it with bare-faced lies.

The authorities manipulated the death rate from covid by counting every death as a covid death even if the individual was hit by a bus or shot by a policeman. Victims of cancer and heart disease were listed as covid deaths. Governments used a dangerous and useless test – the PCR test – to increase the official number of covid cases.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 the deaths caused by the lockdowns continued to soar. Waiting lists for investigations and treatment grew to the point where patients were doomed to die before they had a chance of being seen.

In the UK, many GPs stopped seeing patients face to face, even though the evidence showed that this led to ever more mistakes and missed diagnoses. Without a GP service, emergency departments in the UK had waiting lists of 12 hours and thousands of patients were stuck on trolleys in corridors or left dying in ambulances. By late summer 2021, the health service in the UK was killing more people than it saved as doctors devoted themselves almost exclusively to jabbing patients with an untested, unsafe, ineffective, experimental drug. And very profitable it was too – with doctors being paid a small fortune to sell their honour and their integrity. Many doctors were estimated to be making a bonus of £50,000 to £100,000 a year simply by giving jabs – or telling nurses to give the jabs for them.

Few doctors seem to care that there was no informed consent – as is required by law. Few cared that because aspiration wasn’t allowed there was a danger that they’d squirt the stuff straight into a blood vessel. Few cared that the vaxxed would not be able to donate blood without contaminating the supplies. And few cared when the 15 minute wait after jabbing was abandoned in the UK – leaving patients to have their anaphylactic shock reactions on the way home.

Few cared that the vaxxed were more likely to spread infections and to create new variants – a danger to themselves and others.

Few cared that the jabs were killing and injuring thousands and that there were proven links between the jabs and heart damage, blood clots and brain damage. I first listed the serious side effects associated with these jabs back in December 2020. That was when I first mentioned myocarditis and many other problems. This evidence – based on American Government information – was dismissed. Problems were denied or covered up. Again, all the evidence was documented on a string of videos throughout 2020 so doctors, journalists and politicians who denied these problems were either woefully ignorant or lying.

In February 2021, I warned that doctors and nurses giving the covid-19 vaccine would be tried as war criminals.

But, as always, the establishment responded by ignoring the facts and simply abusing and demonising me – and anyone else who spoke out. The aim was always to discredit and ruin anyone daring to tell the truth.

Every time a new variant was identified the authorities used the discovery as an excuse to push the jabs ever harder. There had never been any evidence that the jabs did what people thought they did but the evidence proving that the vaccines were killing and injuring grew every day.

The evil, insane people behind this takeover of the world and our lives continued apace because they could not afford to stop. Their uninhibited dishonesty forced them ever onwards. They introduced more lockdowns, more rules and more regulations and threatened to lock up the wise who refused the jabs – or to force them out of society, to lock them up in prisons or concentration camps. In truth, the lockdowns reduced the development of natural immunity and damaged the physical and mental health of those who complied.

It became clear that those who had been vaxxed could spread infections to the healthy – asymptomatic spread became a reality thanks to the toxic jabs. And those who had allowed themselves to be jabbed? Well, the evidence showed that they were mostly doomed to an early death. There is solid evidence, remember, that the jabs could affect their brains.

Despite the evidence, celebrities around the world suddenly became experts on health care – recommending the jabs to one and all and criticising and abusing those who did not comply. My advice was simple: never accept health advice from someone whom you wouldn’t trust to remove your appendix.

Citizens around the world were told that their health care services were in crisis, overwhelmed by covid patients. Those were all lies. Hospitals and doctors were less busy than usual and staff were rehearsing and making dance videos. There were deliberately created delays in hospitals because of government policies such as lockdowns and social distancing.

The compliant believed that wearing masks and having endless jabs would change things.

But this was never the plan, of course.

Governments claimed that the restrictions imposed on society were the fault of those who refused to be jabbed.

In truth, of course, it was the other way round. The compliant were responsible for the restrictions. It was the compliant who were selfish – hoping that their newly issued vax passports would allow them to lead `normal’ lives.

The people who had been queuing up for deadly and useless booster jabs were selfish because their stupidity will result in the fact that countless patients with cancer will have to wait years for treatment while doctors spend their time earning huge fees by giving covid jabs and then treating the patients with vaccine injuries.

Today, many patients die before they are diagnosed let alone treated. All this is deliberate and it’s genocide.

By pushing the booster jabs the evil ones are deliberately increasing the number who will get what they call covid and what I’ve proved to be the rebranded flu. The ignorant and greedy are jabbing the ignorant and fearful because their loyalty has been bought by a bunch of psychopaths.

There have been suggestions that our relationship with our governments and the collaborators is akin to the relationship of a victim to an abuser in a human relationship. But I’m afraid it isn’t. Our relationship with our government is more akin to the relationship of a victim to a cold-blooded homicidal psychopath. We aren’t dealing with ordinary abusers who may change their attitudes. We are dealing with people who are more evil than most people can imagine and with millions of collaborators who don’t have the brains or the courage to see what is happening.

Make up a list of history’s most evil and cruellest dictators and you’d put Ivan the Terrible, Attila the Hun and Ghengis Khan on the list. Today, I believe that we can add Tony Blair, Bill Gates, his royal hypocrite Charles, Klaus Schwab, the Rothschilds, Fauci, Whitty and many more who will, I believe, all eventually be placed in the pantheon of history’s most evil people.

If virtue signalling Fauci, dead-eyed Whitty, Ferguson and the rest have told the truth in the last few years then I’m afraid I missed it.

Early on in the history of this fraud I challenged government advisors to a live TV debate. No one would accept because they knew they would lose. These unelected advisers are among the most dangerous individuals in the world – they lie and deceive and want to take our freedom and humanity.

We cannot ever expect our enemies to change or see the light. And we cannot wait for those collaborating with them to see sense. Every day that passes our predicament becomes scarier. The mask wearers – suffering from their narrow minded commitment to mindless authority and mask attachment syndrome - become more fearful and more compliant as the lies continue. Time is running out. We have to move very quickly to win this war.

Our enemies want to destroy religion, along with small businesses, home owners, savers, entrepreneurs and the self-employed. You’d have to be blind not to see how things are developing. At no other time in history has humanity been in so much danger. There will be many more bad things happening. Nothing happens by accident. There are no coincidences. The vaccine passports will become digital passports. We will become slaves to the system and the future is approaching very fast. Energy and food prices will soar. There will be power cuts. Home ownership costs will soar and rental costs – when rentals are available – will also soar. Bank branches will continue closing and cash will be demonised. Inflation will soar even higher, there will be many bankruptcies and millions will lose homes or businesses. The purpose is control. Social credit controlled lifestyles and central bank digital currencies are the future they have planned for us.

They want to divide us – women against men and vice versa – black against white, young and old, anti and pro global warming.

Social credit schemes are being introduced in countries around the world.

Deaths will soar not because of covid, which was only ever the rebranded flu, but because patients with cancer, heart disease, diabetes etc have been denied health care and because the covid jab is the most lethal pharmaceutical product ever devised.

In Africa there will be hundreds of millions of deaths from starvation and no one outside Africa will notice.

There will be talk of a new one world government which many – fed up with their own governments – will welcome. Around the world, they want us to hate our governments – and that’s working well – so that we happily accept the One World Government they’ve been planning for decades.

We are on the very edge of a precipice and time is running out.

Since March 2020 Vernon Coleman has made over 300 videos about the covid fraud. He is banned by all social media including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. He posts articles regularly on His books about the covid fraud include Coming Apocalypse, Endgame, Social Credit, They want your money and your life, Proof face masks do more harm than good, Covid-19: The greatest hoax in history and Covid-19: Exposing lies. All books in print are available via the bookshop on this website.