There has been a Global Coup (Part One)

There has been a global coup.

The covid-19 fraud was devised with a purpose; it was part of a plan which started in earnest back in the 1960s when a group of people met and agreed that the world was overcrowded. They decided to cut the size of the population down to a level last seen in the middle of the 17th century.

Some of the people who decided this were very rich. A Mr Rothschild, a Mr Rockefeller and some other bankers. And some of the plotters worked for a big, international, left wing organisation called the United Nations.

It seems a strange mixture of capitalist bankers and commie bureaucrats but you have to remember that there is no discernible difference between fascism and communism – so they got on well together.

This strange bunch of evil people decided that they needed something with which they could scare the living daylights out of the world’s population; a threat, a danger that would enable them to persuade billions to accept a totalitarian world government and a smaller global population.

It was suggested that a good war would be a good idea. Wars have always been popular with despots. They give a chance to introduce lots of new laws and there’s the added side effect that millions of people can be killed off.

But the conspirators then decided that a war wasn’t the best idea they could come up – to start with at any rate. For one thing, controlling a war is always tricky. There’s always the risk that some mad general might forget who had made the rules. Besides, wars tend to end and they really don’t kill enough people. They needed something big that would enable them to terrify the life out of everyone – particularly the younger generation. They needed a threat that would provide a massive distraction so that when they were ready to introduce a global war, the people would be ready to accept anything. They needed to find a spokesperson for the children; a Joan of Arc like figure, someone who could speak out on behalf of millions of children and who could paint a picture of a gloomy future and a dying planet. She (and it would have to be a she) would need to be someone small in stature, someone easy to portray as a victim and someone easy to `sell’ as a child (and therefore beyond criticism) even when she was no longer a child.

And they came up with Greta and global warming.

Global warming wasn’t a new idea, it had been around for generations, but it had everything they needed. And it was a way to make people feel so guilty that they would do anything they were told to do.

Global warming offered the conspirators – the bankers, the United Nations and a bunch of politicians, clerics, billionaires and miscellaneous megalomaniacs who had been recruited (with the promise of more power and money than they had dreamt of) – a chance to change everything, and to make those changes permanent; an excuse to introduce hundreds of new laws that would have never normally been accepted; and a chance to terrify people around the world so much that they would do anything they were told to do – and, moreover, do it willingly and enthusiastically.

The conspirators tried out their plan by introducing a concept called recycling. They told everyone that the world was running out of cornflake boxes and yoghurt cartons and that the coming shortages would only be avoided if everyone sorted their rubbish into lots of different boxes and bags every week.

Recycling was, of course, only ever intended as an exercise in forcing people to become obedient and compliant. The boxes, and pots and other rubbish which people wasted time sorting out were just taken to poorer countries and either burnt or dumped in the street. A vast amount of drinking water was wasted washing out bottles and jars.

When the global warming scam and the recycling nonsense were clearly working well, the conspirators decided that they’d better change the name of the scam to `climate change’ because that gave them more chances to blame people for bad weather.

The phrase climate change enabled them to blame the people if there was a storm, a fire, a heat wave or a tsunami. They started fiddling the weather reports and giving names to breezes and other bits of weather so that people would take every threat very seriously.

Moreover, they also decided that they needed something else to spice things up a little.

The global warming scam was fine for the long-term but it wasn’t quite scary enough. They needed a threat with which they could terrify everyone into doing exactly what they were told to do.

They decided that some sort of pandemic would do nicely.

Back in the 1980s, they started off with AIDS but I had a lot of readers at the time and managed to destroy the myth that AIDS was going to kill us all so they tried various different types of flu, honing their plan with each new threat.

By late 2019, the baddies were getting desperate. Some of the leaders of the evil conspiracy weren’t getting any younger. And they needed to get on with the Great Reset and the New World Order, appoint themselves to the new world government and turn their power into billions and billions of dollars for themselves.

So they decided that they’d use the ordinary flu of that winter as a major threat to mankind. Hitchcock would have called it the McGuffin – the slightly absurd but superficially believable reason for everything that was to follow.

They made up some puerile nonsense about bats and a lab in China and hired arguably the most incompetent forecaster in history to come up with some outrageous forecasts. The mathematician they chose, Neil Ferguson, did them proud, producing astonishingly absurd predictions that made absolutely no sense at all to anyone who examined them closely. These crazy forecasts dominated thinking around the world and were reproduced ad nauseam in the media. It was clearly nonsense, and in mid-March 2020 I made a video calling it the coronavirus hoax. The official figures simply made no sense at all. And everyone seemed to have forgotten that WHO figures show that the flu can kill 650,000 people worldwide in a single six month flu season. In that first video I predicted that the plan was to kill old people, to introduce mandatory vaccination, to get rid of cash (regarded as a nuisance by banks) and to reduce the global population.

At this point, their plan very nearly all went wrong.

Part Two of ‘There has been a global coup’ by Vernon Coleman appears on this website tomorrow.

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