Stuff you need to know about money

Money (real money) is one of the few weapons we have with which to fight the tyranny which we face together. Money is what they have used to give themselves power and money provides us with a tithe of the power we will need in order to survive.

You need to be able to save regularly, and to invest wisely. And most important of all you need to be able to make money with your own resources and to be able to make your money work for you.

Here are some basic facts about money that you should know.

  1. A recession, deepening into a depression is inevitable. It is indeed part of the globalists’ deliberate policy. The twin menace of fake climate change and the Great Reset have been wildly underestimated by analysts and financial commentators who simply don’t understand that everything that is happening is happening on purpose. Nothing is happening by accident and there are no coincidences.
  2. It is certain that taxes are going to continue rising indefinitely.
  3. Anyone who banks online needs psychiatric care.
  4. The mainstream media is bought and utterly unreliable. And 95% of what you see on the internet is also utterly unreliable. The media merely provides misinformation.
  5. Natural gas prices go down at the end of each winter and then go up again at the start of each winter. Make of that what you can.
  6. Investment professionals make money when you make money and they make money when you lose money. They never share your losses.
  7. When financial experts all agree then they are usually wrong.
  8. When investment professionals offer advice they are subjectively talking up their own book. In other words, they are biased and have an agenda which they do not share with you.
  9. It is no longer safe to buy a share and hold it for life. Many well-known companies have disappeared entirely in the last few decades.
  10. All shares are cyclical.
  11. There are three prices for investments: cheap, fair and expensive. If you can buy cheap and sell expensive you will make money.
  12. Before making an investment you should decide whether you want an income (through dividends) or a capital gain.
  13. If an investment you have made does well you should consider selling a third when the price has doubled. Then sell another third when the price doubles again. Keep doing this so that you don’t lose money but do take profits.
  14. You can find everything I know about money in my book Moneypower which is available on Amazon. My recent and future investment plans are summarised in my latest book They want your money and your life which is also available on Amazon.
  15. The conspirators want to keep you ignorant. When you are ignorant you are vulnerable.
  16. Financial markets are all manipulated and entirely dishonest. Remember that. Financial advisors, analysts, bankers, pension fund managers and financial journalists are all crooks. Remember that. They are not interested in helping you make money.
  17. Generally speaking, investing is a zero sum game: someone loses and someone gains.
  18. When the market runs out of buyers the price of anything will fall.
  19. The number of reasons to buy a share, bond or other investment will increase as the price rises.
  20. Investment is all about psychology and behaviour.
  21. Don’t confuse ‘signals’ and ‘noise’. There is a real risk that you will take too much notice of the ‘noise’ and ignore the ‘signals’.

Note: I do not charge fees for my websites. There are no advertisers on my websites and I never allowed advertisers on my videos. I have no subscribers. My income comes entirely from the sale of my books which are now mostly self-published because I have been lied about and demonised and, sadly, my traditional publishers around the world don’t have the courage to publish books which question the establishment. The advantage of all this is that I do not have to avoid upsetting my website readers. I do not have to say what I am told to say or what my subscribers expect. I can afford to be completely, painfully and dangerously honest. I have no doubt that I occasionally annoy some readers. But if we all agreed about everything the world would be a dull place. I just hope that some of my readers find enough of what I say to be useful and/or entertaining to want to buy my books. (See item 14 above.)