Proof UK Government is (as Predicted) Deliberately Pushing up Fuel Prices

The UK Government’s crazy 75% tax on oil companies will have cheered the climate change cultists – who want us to stop using oil, gas and coal, and either to starve or to freeze to death.

But the tax, as I predicted, means that oil companies don’t want to drill for oil and gas in the North Sea.

In 2019, oil companies drilled 29 new wells in the North Sea.

But in 2022, only 6 new wells were drilled.

Now, the largest independent North Sea producer, Harbour Energy, has said that it will not bid for a drilling licence because of the windfall tax.

The result?

Britain will have to import more oil and gas – if it is available.

Inflation will rise.

The price of fuel will soar in 2023 – as I predicted.

It seems absolutely clear that the Government is deliberately pushing up energy prices.

And, let me remind you, windmills and solar panels will, at best, provide 5% of our electricity. (And that is when the wind is blowing nicely and the sun is shining brightly.)

Yet again, Britons have been screwed by their own government.

If you think things are bad at the moment just wait a few months…

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