Private Eye and Vernon Coleman

In an attempt to reach outside the Resistance Movement, and share the truth with people previously deprived of facts about covid-19 and the covid jab, I’ve been trying to buy ads in the mainstream media – without any success.

For example, I tried to buy an advertisement in Private Eye.

On 5th October I wrote to Private Eye’s ad agency asking if I could buy a horizontal half page ad in the magazine.

The ad agency manager said ‘Yes, of course’.

I wrote and suggested this ad:

More honesty in a day than you’ll hear from the BBC in a year

For the extraordinary, uncomfortable facts about covid-19 and the controversial jab. Plus free books. And much, much more.

Dr Vernon Coleman is a qualified medical doctor and international bestselling author.

On 6th October, the advertising manager wrote back to say:

‘Private Eye will not accept this advertisement within their publication.’

I then wrote back asking if there were any changes I could make which would make the ad acceptable to Private Eye.

The advertising manager wrote back to say that nothing would make the advert acceptable.

I just thought you’d like to know.

Food for thought, eh? Private Eye happily turns down over £3,000 in advertising revenue rather than carry an advert from me.