Plastic Bags – The Startling Official Truth

There isn’t a material on the planet which is loathed quite as much as plastic. But the loathing is nonsensical.

The amazing thing is that politicians insist on ignoring their own experts.

In 2005, the Scottish Government reported that the manufacture of paper bags consumes four times more water than the manufacture of plastic bags. (Water is, of course, one of the most valuable and scarcest commodities on the planet.)

And a 2011 UK Environmental Agency study found that paper bags contribute three times more to global warming than plastic bags. (I don’t believe that global warming exists. But cultists who swallow the nonsense should at least look just occasionally at the evidence.)

And yet plastic has been described by as ‘one of the greatest environmental scourges of our time’.

Every sanctimonious body in the world seems to believe that their country will be a better place if plastic bags and straws are banned. They prefer to see trees chopped down to make paper bags and little wooden forks.

They’re all idiots.

Vernon Coleman’s book A Bigger Problem than Climate Change: The end of oil is available as a paperback and an eBook. It contains all the evidence proving that the oil is running out – and what will happen when it does.