Piers Corbyn: Next Mayor of London

The most exciting development in politics for years is the news that Piers Corbyn is standing for Mayor of London.

Piers’ policies are, as you might expect, tremendously people friendly.

I have no doubt that London will once again be a magical place if Piers can depose the awful Sadiq Khan who has in, my view, done more harm to London’s reputation than anyone in living memory.

Piers’ policies include:

  • End all lockdowns
  • Spend more on combatting serious diseases
  • Reverse discrimination against people refusing the vaccine
  • Put wellness before Big Pharma
  • Defend free speech
  • Honest housing policies
  • Get rid of Agenda 21 road policies (road narrowing and silly bike lanes)
  • Review parking regulations
  • Massive roadside tree planting campaign
  • End discrimination against older cars
  • Control noise pollution
  • End the war on cash

To find out more about Piers Corbyn’s policies (or to add your own ideas for more policies) go to www.Corbyn4London.com

I wish I lived in London for one reason only: so that I could vote for Piers Corbyn. What a joyful day it will be when we can welcome Piers as the new mayor of London. I will keep you up to date with news about Piers’ campaign. To access articles and news just press the Politics button on www.vernoncoleman.com First, we all need to insist that the delayed elections are held in May.