Passing Observations 208

  1. Some things (most things) get tougher with age but a few things get easier. For example, I used to worry a lot about leaks in the roof and would always hurry to get such problems repaired. These days I am more sanguine. Our roofs leak in five places at the moment (that I know of) and I have solved the problem by making sure that there is nothing underneath the leaks that is likely to be seriously damaged by water. And I keep buckets handy. When a leak developed in the roof just above Antoinette’s favourite chair, she solved the problem by moving her chair.
  2. ‘We must save ourselves from the products that we are asked to buy in order, ultimately, to replace ourselves.’ – Wendell Berry in ‘Why I am not going to buy a computer’.
  3. Between the middle of March and the middle of April in 2019 there were, in New York State, US, around 13,000 deaths from heart disease, cancer, flu, accidents, stroke, murder and so on. In the same period in 2020 the number of deaths from all those diseases came to less than 5,000. But there were a lot of deaths from Covid-19. How can this be? Did doctors in New York suddenly find secret cures for cancer and heart disease and everything else? Or am I being unduly cynical in wondering if it is possible that a lot of people who really died of something else were officially listed as having died of the coronavirus? (That’s a rhetorical question to which I obviously know the answer.)
  4. A few months ago some of the folk were arguing that covid was made in a laboratory (because that was the fashionable thing to say). Now they say there was no covid (because that is today’s fashionable thing to say). And at the same time they are sticking with their notion that there are no germs. I suspect that the CIA and the conspirators love and protect these confused and confusing people.
  5. Most of the people who now die in Britain are on waiting lists for treatment. Their illnesses were, in many cases caused by the covid-19 vaccines they were given but people are also dying because of the effect of the lockdowns and the social distancing rules had on hospitals. And they are dying because the strikes by callous doctors have meant that patients are not being diagnosed or treated. Why striking doctors haven’t been arrested for grievous bodily harm and murder is a mystery.
  6. A comforting 83% of people think climate change activists should be arrested. (A big chunk of the remaining 17% probably haven’t heard of climate change, and good luck to them.)
  7. ‘The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas’. – Linus Pauling.
  8. When will the average idiot realise that something is wrong? At the moment in the UK, the trains are on strike, the airports are struggling to cope with a glitch which has stopped travel, schools are closing because they were built with the wrong sort of concrete, and junior and senior doctors are going on strike together. And there are still people who think this is all happening by coincidence. If you want to know what they have planned for us please read my book They want your money and your life and if you want to know who planned everything that is happening read Their Terrifying Plan.
  9. Having boasted in his book that he had killed a number of human beings (whom he had apparently regarded as figures in a video game), Harry the erstwhile member of the British royal family, is now whingeing that he didn’t get enough support when he’d stopped killing. But isn’t this the same bloke who talked incessantly about all the people he’d seen for support when he hadn’t had enough cuddles?
  10. Scientists are confused by the extraordinary weather we’ve been having. ‘Some days the weather is quite sunny,’ said Walter Wallkarpet, a senior climatologist, speaking on BBC News. ‘And then, without any warning, there will be a shower. On other days things are completely different. The weather will be quite chilly and then there will be a bit of sunshine breaking through. We blame mankind for what is happening to our weather. We believe that these extraordinary weather incidents are being caused by people riding bicycles while wearing plastic sandals and having little battery powered cameras strapped to their helmets. These camera batteries can use surprisingly large amounts of electricity – sometimes as much as can be obtained by burning two tons of best coal or three tons of nutty slack.’ (Note: for valuable information about climate change please read Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen. It’s the only book on climate change that you need to read. And if you buy the paperback edition you can use it to keep the rain off your head and the sun out of your eyes.)
  11. As a general rule, appeasement makes an aggressor more aggressive.
  12. Almost three years ago I was vilified for warning that masks would increase the risk of cancer. Now even the establishment agrees I was right. Almost three years ago I was vilified for warning that the covid-19 vaccine would cause cancer. Now even the establishment agrees I was right. Today, I am banned and suppressed more than ever. Makes you think, doesn’t it?
  13. Death is the price we pay for life.
  14. Mount Everest has been growing at the rate of just under half an inch a year for several centuries. You will be surprised to hear that not even the nutters claim that this has anything to do with the fictional concept of global warming.
  15. Queen Victoria, who was known as Empress of India, never visited India. You can see why the Indians were a bit pissed off, can’t you?
  16. Myocarditis developing after the covid-19 jab is still said by the mainstream media to be rare. It’s as rare as entering a transport café and finding that they have chips on the menu.
  17. If your children are given the flu vaccine this winter do check to see if they are being given a live vaccine. If they are then they should be kept away from anyone frail or elderly. Or, indeed, anyone who doesn’t want to catch the flu. Personally, I wouldn’t give a child a flu vaccine but then I’m a discredited conspiracy theorist.
  18. My video entitled ‘The Collaborators Will Kill Us All’ is one of the most suppressed videos I have ever made. Watch it if you can to see why.
  19. The creeping, menace of social credit is threatening us all – but hardly anyone seems to be taking any notice. Please read my book Social Credit – Nightmare on Your Street to understand the size of the problem – which is coming fast.
  20. A company called Fidelity Investments has a ‘vice president of thought leadership’. His nuttiness Harry, the Duke of Meghan, is reported to have a job as ‘chief impact officer’ at something called Better Up. I have no idea whatsoever what either job involves.