Passing Observations 206

  1. Doctors in America now kill nearly a million people a year through errors. That makes doctors more of a health danger than cancer, heart disease or strokes. My book Why and how Doctors kill more people than Cancer was first with the news and explains what is behind this awful state of affairs.
  2. Ex Bank of England Governor Mark Carney reinvented himself as a climate change expert and Greta Groupie. Now he has reinvented himself again and is to be chairman of the Bloomberg media empire. Carney is living proof that sewage always rises to the top.
  3. In an attempt to give nurses more time for practising their Tik Tok dances, the NHS is introducing ‘virtual wards’. What this means is that sick patients will stay at home instead of taking up a hospital bed.
  4. It is illegal to photograph rabbits in Wyoming between January and April unless you have an official permit.
  5. American playwright, novelist and satirist C.J.Hopkins has been given a choice: 60 days in prison or a big fine. His offence appears to have included writing a tweet insulting the German health minister. If they are going to stop us insulting politicians then there won’t be any fun left at all.
  6. A big thank you to Debi Evans of UK Column who reviewed my book Their Terrifying Plan. Debi wrote on her blog: ‘Must read for everyone who wants to know the truth, the plan and who is behind it. I couldn’t put it down. This is a doctor with his finger well and truly on the pulse. Highly recommended.’
  7. In Australia, in future, whatever the Government says will be the truth and whatever everyone else says will be misinformation. George Orwell will be rotating in his grave – but with a ‘told you so’ smile on his face. I have to remind myself that this was the country which gave us heroes such as Rod Laver, Keith Miller and Shane Warne. Tough laws controlling the internet are being introduced everywhere in the guise of protecting consumers. In reality the new laws will protect the conspirators.
  8. A service called ‘One Day Wife Despatch Service’ was set up in Japan to provide prostitutes for male customers. The women were all housewives who wanted extra money to pay the mortgage. My first thought was to wonder how many of the women were having to find extra money because their husbands were spending their earnings on prostitutes. My second thought was to wonder what would happen if a man found himself hiring his own wife.
  9. I wrote my book Why Everything is Going to Get Worse back in 2004 – nearly 20 years ago. The reprinted version is available on Amazon. Things are still getting worse, I’m afraid. But you aren’t alone. At least we can hold hands and support one another.
  10. Popular English names for children in China include: Onion, Civic, Open and Creamy. ‘And do you, Onion, take Creamy to be your lawful wedded wife?’
  11. The deliberate destruction of culture is part of the conspirators’ plan.
  12. The official unemployment figures are false because they don’t include the millions who don’t want to work and claim to be suffering from long covid (a synonym for `I enjoyed the lockdowns so much I don’t want to go back to work’). The real unemployment figures are at least twice the official figures.
  13. Crypto sillinesses such as bitcoin were invented to get the idiots accustomed to, and enthusiastic about, digital currencies. Generation Zers and Millennials have as much of their money invested in crypto currencies as they have in shares. This means that their savings are at risk. It also means that companies have little money to spend on innovations, improvements and expansion.
  14. Why do climate change nutters still use plastic smart phones and laptops? They should build wooden smart phones for themselves.
  15. There’s an unsubstantiated rumour that British students surprised many by voting Rudyard Kipling their favourite person of all time. The rumour also suggests that Cecil Rhodes came second in the poll.
  16. Over a third of adults in US, UK, France, Germany, etc. are aged 65 or over. And that’s why Governments are encouraging everyone to hate the elderly. More importantly it is why Governments are allowing doctors to kill anyone aged 65 or over. Populations are being deliberately desensitised and, therefore, capable of previously unimagined of levels of cruelty.
  17. Nearly a third of all first time buyers are now taking out mortgages for 40 years. And nearly half of second time buyers are taking out mortgages of over 30 years. All these individuals are making themselves slaves of the financial system and many will find themselves struggling to pay their mortgage bills out of their pensions. Maybe, just maybe, they should consider the possibility of buying cheaper homes and having shorter mortgage periods? Or is that just me being silly?
  18. ‘We have normality…anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.’ – Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  19. Parmesan cheese makers are putting silicon semiconductor chips into the wax rinds of their cheeses to identify them and provide security. The chips are the size of a grain of sand and have a unique serial ID which can be scanned. The chips can sit in a human stomach for weeks. There are plans to put the chips in crops, drugs, car parts and livestock. I have no evidence about how many calories there are in a chip.
  20. Electric car batteries are potentially very dangerous. If an electric car is damaged, the rules say that the vehicle must be stored 15 metres apart from other cars because of the risk of a battery fire. This will inevitably put up repair and insurance costs. Anyone who buys an electric car should be certified insane.
  21. The closure of schools in England is being blamed on the fact that school buildings appear to have been made with the wrong sort of concrete. The result of the closures (conveniently announced just as children were packing up their satchels for the new term) will, of course, be that many children will have to stay at home and so, inevitably, will their parents. Education standards will fall still further and those children unfortunate enough to go to one of the schools which are closed will, inevitably, suffer most. Productivity, already low, will fall still further and the recession will be deeper, longer and (I hate to say this) interminable. Gosh, what a surprise. As I have been warning for years now, there is no future for schools or teachers. Everything will be done online. Teachers should start thinking of other things they can do to earn a living. What a surprise all this is. With schools closed there will be far less travel (which will please the globalists).