Passing Observations 200

  1. Modern, Western societies were originally designed to stop anyone taking control. The legislative branch of government was kept separate from the other branches simply so that all the power would not be in the hands of the few. But the 1% has changed all that. Moreover, the 1% has achieved this position simply by manipulating the money and by using the money to control the politicians. I wonder how many people know, for example, that after the banking collapse of 2008, which started in the US and became global, it was American President Obama who decided not to prosecute any of the bankers who had created the crash. It was President Obama, a Democrat ostensibly representing the ordinary men and women of America, who defended the bankers, who insisted that the millions of people who lost their homes should not be bailed out and who arranged for bankers such as Goldman Sachs and J.P.Morgan to be bailed out with billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money. Furthermore, it was President Obama who allowed the bankers to use the bail-outs to give themselves huge bonuses. And yet the mass of people still revere Obama, the great betrayer, and regard him as a hero. The banks were presumably grateful and it is, of course, merely a coincidence that former President Obama became strangely wealthy after his term as President came to an end. (Taken from Their Terrifying Plan by Vernon Coleman)
  2. A few Jews are again claiming that only Jews should play Jewish characters in films and that anything else is a form of anti-semitism. I wonder if they’ve thought this through. If only Jews can play Jews then, of course, only Christians can play Christian parts and only Muslim actors can play Muslim parts. This will be a form of discrimination and will encourage racism. And, of course, if producers remake Hannibal the Cannibal the casting director will have to find a cannibal to play the part. Serial killers will have to play serial killers. War criminals will have to be played by Tony Blair.
  3. I am amused by people who complain that they have trouble with their Twitter or Facebook accounts. I have never been allowed to have one of these accounts. The only social media account I ever had was with Linked-In and that was removed without warning or explanation. Numerous publishers stopped producing my books and after the Royal Society of Arts had a couple of complaints, I was expelled for daring to tell the truth and, moreover, for daring to share truths which didn’t fit in with the beliefs of one or two other Fellows. I no longer give a damn about any of these things. I’m still a member of the Desperate Dan Pie Eaters’s Club and I will start to worry only when DD writes and throws me out, but it goes to show how desperate the opposition has been to suppress the truth and to isolate the truth-tellers. I rely entirely on other people sharing my work on their Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  4. Here’s a quick tip for judging a film or book if you’re not sure whether it’s worth watching or reading. Look to see if there is a review from the Guardian quoted on the jacket. If the Guardian liked it then I can guarantee that whatever it is won’t be worth watching or reading. You can thank me for this valuable tip when you see me.
  5. If you have two locks on a door leave one of them unlocked. Any burglar will spend for ever unlocking one of your locks and locking the other.
  6. The UK Government is cutting a number of waiting time targets for cancer patients. They’re doing this because the targets are being routinely missed and it is obviously much easier to abandon the targets than to do anything about the underlying problems with health care in Britain. The BBC says that leading cancer experts think that abandoning the targets is a wonderful idea. I bet they do. Incidentally, the BBC illustrated their story about the abandoned cancer targets with a picture of a black female radiographer and a black female patient. Would someone please tell the BBC that there are some white, male people in England? Not all of them have emigrated, though most of those left would probably like to.
  7. The UK is continuing with its determination to reach net zero by 2050. This absurd self-destruction will make no difference whatsoever to the world but it will destroy Britain (especially the poor). The officially estimated cost of reaching net zero is £1.4 trillion with lost fuel taxes and so on resulting in an additional loss of another half a trillion pounds. That’s a total estimated cost of nearly £2 trillion and governments always underestimate so the real figure is probably at least £4 trillion. That’s £4,000,000,000,000 – which is more than Elton John spends on flowers. Get out your calculator and work out how much that’s going to cost your family – all to satisfy a few eco nutter members of the absurd Green religion. While you’re working out the cost remember that the UK creates around 1% of the world’s carbon emissions and our total annual emissions are less than the annual rise in emissions from China. China has produced more emissions in the last few years than the UK has since the start of the Industrial Revolution. Everything we are being told to do is pointless, unnecessary and several miles beyond stupid. Installing a heat pump costs £14,000 and will, allegedly, save under £400 a year while forcing you to shiver through the winter. But if you put in a gas boiler costing £2,000 and put the £12,000 you’ve saved into a bank account you will earn more than £400 a year and have a reliable heating system that will keep you much warmer.
  8. The climate change fraud (which virtually no one now believes in) was, of course, all about money and power. The self-styled environmentalists and greens who promote the climate change myth want to stop African countries from using fossil fuels. In my new book Their Terrifying Plan I argue that since those countries will never be able to advance their civilisations in the way that countries in the West have progressed, then it seems undeniable that the whole net zero climate change argument is irredeemably racist. The arrogance of the econutters is staggering. They want people who have never enjoyed electricity, heat, light, warm food, clean water, cars, television, washing machines, petrol driven nail clippers, etc. to abandon hope for these things and to accept that they will never be allowed to progress. The eco nutters are the most selfish people in history. Their elitism is cruel. The eco nutters are, in short the worst sort of racists – they are racists not in principle but in practice. Incidentally, the war criminal Sunak, won’t have a referendum on the absurd Net Zero plans because he knows he will lose by 99 votes to 1. The number of people keen on Net Zero could fit into the Guardian offices. A vote on Net Zero would be the most one-sided referendum in history. For more about the climate fraud I recommend that you watch ‘The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal – Part 28 Climate Crisis?’. You can find it on Bitchute.
  9. Wales is introducing a blanket 20 mph speed limit in residential areas. Ambulances (if you can get one) police (ditto) and fire engines (ditto ditto) will have to obey the new, reduced limits. What next? A Welsh bloke with a red flag walking in front of all vehicles holding a red flag? It sounded daft when I thought of it but now I’m not so sure. It sounds just the sort of idea which Drakeford might embrace. I suspect that 20 mph limits will increase accidents (at 20 mph it is common for drivers to lose attention) and at such a low speed vehicles will use more fuel and push out more pollutants.
  10. It is sad but true that most doctors know very little about side effects of the drugs they prescribe. And they know next to nothing about the interactions that can take place when a patient takes more than one drug at the same time. Little or no research has been done to find out how all the different drugs and vaccines which are available might interact with one another in the human body. Six months after Antoinette had her surgery for breast cancer, it was suggested that she take Zoladex for a few months in addition to the tamoxifen she takes. But when we looked at the possible advantage of adding Zoladex to the tamoxifen, and the potential side effects with Zoladex we were appalled. Our first shock was finding a scientific paper which compared the advantage of adding Zoladex to the tamoxifen. The paper dealt with around 2,700 patients who were followed for ten years and showed, convincingly, that there was absolutely no advantage to adding Zoladex to the other drug. A meta-analysis which assessed four controlled trials comprising 6,279 patients concluded: ‘Based on the available studies, concurrent administration of OFS (Ovarian function suppression with a drug such as Zoladex) and adjuvant tamoxifen treatment for premenopausal women with breast cancer has no effect on prolonging disease-free survival and over-all survival...’ It was clear that the drug (which has to be injected into body fat) would have to be very safe – and completely free of side effects – for us even to consider using it. However, I have been writing about drug side effects for half a century and have written a number of books on the subject. I had never in my life seen a drug with such horrid side effects occurring commonly. And, remember, only 1-10% of side effects are ever reported to the authorities because doctors don’t recognise them for what they are, or don’t bother to report them. One of the common problems listed was an increase in blood sugar. This is vitally important because cancer cells thrive on sugar so if you take something which pushes up the blood sugar levels then the cancer will thrive. Here is the list of other common or very common side effects listed for Zoladex: alopecia; arthralgia; bone pain; breast abnormalities; depression; glucose tolerance impaired; gynaecomastia; headache; heart failure; hot flushes; hyperhidrosis; mood alteration; myocardial infarction (heart attack); diabetes; neoplasm complications; paraesthesia; sexual dysfunction; skin reactions; spinal cord compression; tiredness; vulvo-vaginal disorders; weight increase. Those are the common or very common side effects. The potential bone problems are so bad that it is recommended that all patients have a bone scan before their treatment starts. I have studied side effects for decades and usually the common side effects are things like skin rashes, intestinal upsets such as nausea and diarrhoea and headaches. Why would anyone prescribe a drug which can commonly cause heart attacks, heart failure, spinal cord compression, neoplasm complications and depression and which can affect blood sugar levels? It is no exaggeration to say that I would be reluctant to use Zoladex as drain cleaner. The idea of asking a patient to swallow the stuff makes me nauseous. I am reminded yet again how important it is for cancer patients to take some control of their own destiny. When I had looked at all the evidence, Antoinette and I decided that mainlining bleach would make more sense than accepting Zoladex.
  11. ‘I had nibbled so long at the idea of suicide that it had come to be regarded by me as a pleasant and quite desirable end if all else failed. There is no doing anything with a man who has reached that condition of mind. No arguments that can be produced can be more cogent than the ones he has already thought of, and no consequences can possibly be worse than the one he is prepared to face.’ C.S.Forester.
  12. The only conceivable purpose of the covid-19 jab is to kill people. In that respect it has much in common with bombs, rockets and bullets though, to be fair, the covid ‘vaccine’ has been far more successful, and nowhere near as noisy, as the sort of armaments favoured by NATO.
  13. The BMA says that a quarter of Scottish GPs are thinking of leaving the profession. The figure used to be nearly 100%, with doctors dreaming of becoming racing drivers, influencers and TV stars, so doctors are obviously more contented than they were a few decades ago. It is not true, by the way, that doctors are leaving the UK for more money and prettier nurses elsewhere. The figures show that this is not happening. (I put in the bit about prettier nurses to wind up the woke. It suggests that doctors are male and that nurses are female and can be judged by their looks. Indeed, it’s worse, that sentence suggests that female doctors might not be lesbians and that male doctors might not be homosexual and fancy male nurses. And that’s before we start worrying about transgender nurses and transgender doctors. At the rate this is going the BBC will be able to make an indignant 13 part series about this paragraph and there will be enough material for The Guardian to produce a supplement. Oh what fun. The humourless armies of the left should however remember that, as Dave Barry said: ‘Being offended is not the same thing as being right’)
  14. I have seen it said (by people who don’t understand epidemiology or statistics) that there was no such thing as covid. That’s a really silly thing to say. Covid-19 was real – official statistics show that it was just an incredibly well marketed and over promoted version of the annual flu. Claiming that there was no covid flu is going to make it ever harder to persuade the masses that we are right and the BBC et al are all wrong.
  15. The idiots who have bought electric cars are forever complaining that there aren’t enough chargers around. Well, the last half a dozen public car parks I’ve visited have all had too many charging spaces for electric cars. For those of us with proper cars this is quite convenient because it means that there is nearly always a parking space available (and usually near the entrance too). I know I’ll probably get a parking ticket but at least I’ll have parked. Incidentally, if you do know anyone gullible enough to own an electric car (unlikely, I know) do ask them if they enjoy driving a car powered by fuel created with a mixture of coal, diesel and bits of tree brought across the Atlantic in diesel powered ships. If they say they buy their electricity from a ‘green’ supplier, point out that their electricity comes from the National Grid not a windmill in Scotland or a solar panel farm in Dorset.
  16. I suspect that the Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) was invented a few years ago to provide a ragbag excuse for all the deaths caused by the toxic covid-19 jab. Surprisingly, official statistics don’t show any boom in SADS yet but I suspect that in a year or two it will become fashionable with doctors writing death certificates.
  17. The UK media will be full of articles written by psychologists and doctors trying to explain why a nurse murdered seven babies. (I used to write articles on such topics for the Mail, Express, Sun, Mirror, Star and the Sunday papers in the 70s, 80s and 90s.) The writers will share many opinions but in my view their views will be of little value for I doubt if the nurse herself knows why she did it.
  18. ‘For how can man die better, Than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his fathers, And the temples of the Gods.’ – Lord Macaulay
  19. ‘The clear sky on the City Day will cost the Moscow authorities 64 million roubles. This is the amount allocated in the budget to dissolve the clouds above the city in case of bad weather. The technology to dissipate clouds above Moscow was developed decades ago. The clouds will be attacked with dry ice, liquid nitrogen and powdered reagent ‘cement M-500’. The meteorological defence of Moscow for City Day festivities will be conducted from 06.00 am to 24 pm. About 10 aircraft with special equipment will be used.’ – Taken from Pravda, published 21 year ago in 2012.
  20. Why do people pay out good money to buy and wear clothes which are emblazoned with logos advertising the manufacturer? And why do grown men (and women) pay huge sums of money to wear sport shirts which have the name and number of someone else printed on the back? Do they expect to be mistaken for that person?
  21. My latest book Their Terrifying Plan will take you just a few hours to read. After you’ve read it, your life will be changed forever. Nothing will ever seem quite the same again. Dare you read it? For the record I am, as promised, buying copies, at full price, and sending them off to politicians et al. So far I’ve spent far more on books and postage than I’ve earned in royalties. (For every £250 I spend on buying copies I receive £15 in royalties.) Only when people understand what is happening, and why, will we win this war and prevent digitalisation, the Great Reset and the loss of our independence, our freedom and our humanity.
  22. Each day is a gift from God, is it not? A curious thing occurred to me today. Conscious that I shall soon need to use a walking stick or cane to ensure that my chances of remaining upright (and out of one of the death wards) are improved, I remembered that when I was very small I rode on a tricycle. Three wheels to three legs. The cycle of life keeps turning, eh? Such symmetry. I have a small library of suitable sticks but I think I may use one emblazoned from top to bottom with colourful stocknagels from the Black Forest. I have a Victorian swordstick but I fear the modern authorities do not look kindly upon such things.