Passing Observations 165

  1. New cars will tell the authorities where the driver started his journey, what places he visited, what speeds he did (and where) and so and so on. There will be no need for speed cameras or for policemen to sit in cars on motorway bridges because your car will dob you in.
  2. The average UK household now has £65,000 of debt. Advertisers are offering to help debtors wipe out over three quarters of the money they owe. I can’t help feeling that the more people who take advantage of this offer the bigger the overall problem will become. If debts go unpaid then someone (or some company) must suffer the loss.
  3. The BBC ran a feature designed to help children convince their parents that global warming is a real threat. (In other words, teaching them how to lie and deceive effectively.) Parents who want to know how to convince their children and simple-minded neighbours that global warming is a myth should read the book Greta’s Homework by Zina Cohen. It’s available on Amazon and it will astonish you.
  4. Massive changes are being made to the countryside. But the people ordering the changes have no idea of the damage they are doing. Some years ago Chairman Mao waged war on small birds because he thought they were eating food intended for humans. He had millions of birds slaughtered in an attempt to eliminate them from China. But sparrows and other small birds eat insects and without the birds the insects had a field day and the crops were devastated. The result was that at least 30 million people died of hunger.
  5. The ill-informed are now terribly excited about hydrogen – regarding it as the new fuel to replace fossil fuels. Billions of dollars are being spent on building new infrastructure for hydrogen. Well, as I have mentioned before there is a bit of a problem with hydrogen: it is made by burning fossil fuels. No one thinks any more, do they?
  6. Here’s a serious question for public debate: Has the BBC killed more people than covid? The advice given about the vaccine by BBC ‘experts’ such as Devi Sridhar, encouraged parents to have their children jabbed with the covid-19 jab – a substance which is, I believe, the most toxic pharmaceutical product ever marketed. The advice is still available online. Why the BBC hasn’t been closed down is a mystery. Please make sure that you do not pay the BBC licence fee (but don’t break the law). Giving money to the BBC is, in my view, as daft as giving money to the World Economic Forum.
  7. We’ve had a flurry of domestic crises recently. Last week, two drains blocked simultaneously and the drain professionals took four days to sort things out. At £185 an hour that was painful. We were, however, happy to pay their bill. It’s nice to have drains. We had spent the previous four days waiting for the insurers we paid for protection to help deal with our problem. They were useless. We’ve cancelled the insurance. The drain people who came diagnosed the problem quite quickly though they had to dig up our courtyard to deal with the tree roots which had caused the problem.
  8. Today, we needed a tree surgeon to look at a once beautiful silver birch which has died (after almost certainly sending its roots into our drainage system) and a plumber to mend a tap which fell off and to remove a leaky radiator from our Victorian central heating system. The first man to arrive turned up just as our groceries were being delivered and I ushered him into the house and asked Antoinette to take him upstairs. Further embarrassment was avoided when, as Antoinette led him through the kitchen, he suddenly stopped and said that he was a tree surgeon and had come to look at a dead tree.
  9. Vast numbers of people who have been diagnosed as suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, or some other form of dementia, could be cured quite quickly if they were taken off the tranquillisers and sleeping tablets they are given. For more information look at my book The Dementia Myth.
  10. Have you noticed that every investment advisor on earth now describes themselves as ‘the man who warned about the 2008 crash’? Funnily enough I don’t remember any of them being around at the time. Indeed, some of those who make this claim were almost certainly still in short trousers at the time.
  11. Interest rates are still far too low to get inflation under control. And if wages (currently growing at 6%) continue to rise then we could soon be heading for the sort of inflation figures usually associated with Argentina, Venezuela and Zimbabwe. And, of course, Germany before WWII. All around the world the current problem with inflation was created when central banks kept printing money and maintained interest rates at or around 0%.
  12. The Labour Party in the UK and the Democratic Party in the US used to represent the people usually described as `the workers’. But they don’t any more. Both political parties represent far left wing nutters who believe that climate change is real. They have as much connection with the workers as I have with the jet set.
  13. Banks will only be considered safe from disaster when all customers’ deposits are 100% guaranteed. At the moment the guaranteed limits (which are particularly low in the UK) mean that customers are wary and likely to take their money out of the bank at the slightest sign of trouble. A flurry of scaremongering tweets can destroy a stable bank in hours. The banks deserve this, of course, since they have repeatedly lied, cheated, deceived and helped themselves to money from their customers.
  14. Spending on health care and social security is out of control almost everywhere in the world and the sums being spent will, I fear, have to be cut dramatically.
  15. A heavily promoted drug for slowing the progress of Alzheimer’s disease has been greeted with enthusiasm by journalists who seem unaware that the side effects associated with the drug (donanemab) include brain swelling and bleeding. Three people on the trial of the drug died from these side effects. Still, journalists don’t much like to bother with things like side effects, do they?
  16. Good news in Britain is that Charles, the Great Reset enthusiast, plans to go into politics. That will be the end of the royal family. And good riddance.
  17. Around the world, doctors who questioned the value of lockdowns, masks and the covid-19 jab were treated as insane and forced to see psychiatrists. Shades of old-style Russia.
  18. Anyone who supports NATO’s involvement in the war in Ukraine should be forced to watch ‘Hacksaw Ridge’, directed by Mel Gibson. It’s the third best war film ever made. (After The Dam Busters and Battle of Britain.)
  19. Thanks to the recycling lunacy and the lockdown madness, Britain has been overrun by meddlers and wimps as well as sneaks and snitches. It rained a little recently and since no one in England cleans out ditches or bothers to remove silt and blockages from rivers (leaving them is apparently part of the absurd re-wilding process designed to destroy the countryside and force us all into cardboard flats in cities, ready for the Great Reset) there were floods everywhere and witless fools in hi-vis jackets were having a wonderful time directing the traffic. (Give a man a hi-vis jacket and you immediately turn him or her into a small dictator.) The trouble was that at one point where a stream had breached its banks, the flood was deeper on one side of the road than the other and so the traffic from both directions had to pass through the shallower water. Unfortunately, the idiot in the hi-vis jacket couldn’t count. He allowed 10 vehicles from one direction and then one vehicle from the other direction. The inevitable result was a massive, multi-mile traffic jam. Since rivers and streams are never again going to be cleared properly, and indeed will be blocked by dams built by the beavers the Great Resetters are introducing, there will be floods galore in the future. Building houses on flood plains doesn’t help. All this is being done, of course, to convince us that climate change is real. Whenever there is a flood, the nutters blame global warming even though the floods are a result of deliberate mismanagement. The conclusion is simple: don’t buy a house near water and don’t travel when it’s been raining heavily.
  20. Commentators frequently confuse transsexuals with transvestites. Anyone who wants to know more should read my book Men in Bras, Panties and Dresses, which contains the results of an extensive survey of transvestites/crossdressers. Most cross-dressers are heterosexual and have as much in common with drag queens as Joe Biden has in common with democracy.
  21. The BBC has apologised for including a picture of a white male (not wanted by the police) on its website. ‘The photo just slipped through,’ said a spokesidiot. ‘But thank heavens he wasn’t English. That would have been absolutely unforgiveable.’
  22. Within two years, women will own 60% of the UK’s wealth. (Feministas claim this is because women are brighter. They may be but, sadly, the truth is that it’s because women inherited the money from deceased husbands.)
  23. The average life span is four thousand weeks. We need to make sure that each week counts.
  24. The world gets stranger. In the same week that the woke, climate change nutter known as the Archbishop of Canterbury was fined for speeding I discovered that South Africa has a space agency.