Passing Observations 162

  1. Under pressure from climate change psychopaths, the International Monetary Fund won’t give loans to African countries to use fossil fuels. They are forcing developing countries to use solar and wind power (neither of which work). This will trap those countries in eternal poverty and produce massive starvation and millions of deaths.
  2. Solar panels are expensive to make and to install. They last around ten years and then have to be thrown away. Just what is going to happen to all that waste is still a mystery. Solar panels will never pay for their cost – either in energy or financial terms.
  3. As I warned a long time ago, the winter of 2023/24 is going to be the difficult year for energy supplies. Those who thought we all escaped the energy problems caused by banning Russian oil are living in cloud cuckoo land. The problems will really become apparent in the autumn and winter of 2023.
  4. In America, Israel runs the Republican Party and China owns the Democratic Party.
  5. America has been at war for more than half of its existence. And when America is fighting some other country they are running a war on poverty, a war on drugs or a war on cancer. Sadly, none of these has been very successful.
  6. Little Englanders believe in keeping their noses out of other people’s business. Why is that a bad thing?
  7. Politicians no longer care about the truth. More worryingly, they don’t care that we know they don’t care.
  8. Nine out of ten American companies have, or are introducing, ESG strategies. It will soon be compulsory for companies (including investment companies and pension funds) to put ESG considerations above all else. That will be the end of capitalism and the completion of the advance towards communism. Most private investors know that ESG is a very bad idea.
  9. At least 40% of the arms sent to Ukraine is wasted (a euphemism for stolen). Western countries have sent so many tanks, shells and other armaments to Ukraine that they have very little left to fight anyone else. And what is happening to the 40% of arms sent to Ukraine which is stolen. Who is buying what?
  10. If you go to a casino and feel you must play a slot machine, try one of the machines nearest to the door. They pay out more (to attract new customers into the casino.)
  11. Don’t forget to feed the grey squirrels – either in your garden or a local park. Grey squirrels are much misunderstood and lied about. They are often hungry during the spring and summer when their stored nuts have been exhausted.
  12. The metaverse was created to keep us all entertained when we are living in our rented ticky tacky box style flats produced by King Schwab and his courtiers.
  13. The Ukrainians tried to kill President Putin of Russia with drones. Would the Russians try to kill Zelensy, President of Ukraine? I suspect not. I think he is an asset to Russia.
  14. Ukraine lost more men in 2022 than the US lost in the whole of World War II.
  15. Courage is a choice.
  16. In elections everywhere we should all always vote for the independent candidate. To understand why read my book Bloodless Revolution which explains how we can change the world in one day, which includes two dozen life changing things we can do when we’ve got rid of the political parties. As I wrote on the cover of Bloodless Revolution, revolutions are only impossible before they take place. Afterwards they were inevitable.
  17. The middle classes are vital to the health of any country but they are being systematically and deliberately destroyed everywhere.
  18. Stalin wanted to follow everyone all the time but he didn’t have enough KGB agents. He would be so happy if we were still alive today.
  19. The internet is full of lies and rubbish. I reckon 95% of the stuff about me online is factually inaccurate. No one ever checks anything. And by the way, any accounts in my name on social media are fake (even if they are allegedly verified). I am totally and completely cancelled and banned and not allowed anywhere on social media.
  20. Insolvencies in England and Wales have increased by 17% in the last year. And many big companies are disappearing. In 2015 there were 2,400 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. Today there are just 2,000.
  21. To find out the truth about social credit – and what it means to you and your family – read Social Credit – Nightmare on Your Street which is available via the bookshop on this website.