Passing Observations 160

  1. The International Monetary Fund says that interest rates will go back to pre-covid rates (ie. 0%). They’re wrong. (This is no time for false modesty. I’ve been right for the last three years while they’ve been consistently wrong). They say that interest rates will go down because of low productivity and an ageing population. That is so stupid. If you make less of something what do you think happens to the price? Exactly. The explanation for this apparent lunacy is that the IMF (like the rest of the financial community) is deliberately confusing and bewildering those daft enough to listen to their absurd prognostications.
  2. In future English residents will have to sort all their recycling into seven plastic bins. It was going to be six but now it’s seven. The idea is to train people to behave. And to waste their time. I have never recycled. It is an utter waste of time, energy and money.
  3. Poundbury, the hideous estate built near Dorchester under the auspices of Charles who would be king, was the first of the new 15 minute cities. It was started a decade and a half ago proving just how long Charles has been part of the Great Reset. It is a disaster from a social point of view and a disaster from an architectural point of view.
  4. There will be very little rental accommodation available in future. Landlords struggling to cope with new laws and taxes have to find a collective £17.9 billion to make upgrades required by the climate change fraudsters (the truth deniers). The result is that buy to let landlords are flogging their properties for whatever they can get. And people wanting to rent will either have to live under cardboard or wait for one of the Great Reset flats to be available.
  5. Explosions and fires on farms are now a pandemic. But, as you know, nothing now happens by accident or coincidence. The fires and explosions are to kill the animals, destroy the farms and put up the price of food.
  6. If you live in the UK you should, of course, avoid anything broadcast by the mainstream media – and for those in doubt I believe this includes GB News and LBC. I regard them both as part of the enemy propaganda machine.
  7. I wish people would stop talking about ‘black swan’ events as if black swans were rare birds. Here in Dawlish in Devon (sanctuary for Le Carre’s Perfect Spy) you’ll see nothing but black swans.
  8. There haven’t been any new videos for a little while. The technical term is ‘that I’m a bit under the weather’, though the clinical term is probably ‘bored rigid with covid, vaccines, hysterical climate change psychopaths and trolls’. If you feel an urge to watch a video, take a peep at one of the old ones. Many are still available on Brand New Tube and Bitchute and this website. There are over 300 of them because three years ago we were researching, writing and recording one video a day. We spent every waking hour digging out truths and analysing the evidence. The transcripts of those videos are all in my books entitled Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History; Covid-19: Exposing Lies and Covid-19: The Fraud Continues. (The books were repeatedly banned so my thanks to Soren of Korsgaard Publishing for having the courage to publish them.) There are videos about the covid-19 jab which I made back in the autumn of 2020 (back before Klaus Windsor – ‘the man who would be king’ – decided that he was a god who needed to be worshipped) and in which I warned about the lies and the hazards with the toxic mRNA jabs. I pointed out that covid-19 was merely the rebranded flu and that the so-called vaccine didn’t do what the establishment said it would do. And I listed the possible side effects - proving that it wasn’t safe. That was two and a half years ago. I was widely vilified for exposing those truths and as an additional punishment, my life was pretty well ruined by the lies and the censorship in the mainstream media and on social media (from ALL of which I am banned). The problem is that I earn a living writing books and now no one will review the books I write and I am even banned from buying adverts for them. Publishers around the world refused to reprint books which had been bestsellers for years. As a result of this concerted effort, my book sales nose-dived to a fraction of what they were and will almost certainly never recover. The death threats were merely entertainment by comparison (although the attempt at a ‘hit’ by cutting two tyres of our car through to the canvas was unpleasant and expensive). The surprising thing is just how many people believe Wikipedia and its nasty little friend Google. Unbelievably, two workmen sneered and refused to do essential work on our house because they recognised my name and didn’t want to do work for someone alleged to be a conspiracy theorist. And a pharmacy refused to obtain an essential prescription medicine for my wife. It’s surprising how many morons see and believed the brazen lies from the CIA which appear on the fake encyclopaedia Wikipedia and its evil associate Google. (Check out the book ‘Essays on Free Knowledge’ by Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, if you don’t believe me. He has some pretty trenchant things to say about Wikipedia). I tried to sue them (and others) but no lawyer would accept me as a client – not even for ready money. No one was prepared to take on the establishment. Telling the truth isn’t terribly wise these days and ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’ are just words in old-fashioned dictionaries. Still, I keep feeding my websites with words so please keep visiting and sharing my work on all those platforms which have banned me. Thank you to all those who do, and thank you to those who buy my books.
  9. Hydrogen is currently being sold as the fuel of the future. It is claimed that it is free of pollutants and that it will, therefore, take us happily into the world of net zero which the politicians have promised the global warming cultists. What the proponents do not mention is that hydrogen can only be produced by using fresh water (an increasingly scarce commodity) and some form of fossil fuel. The largest global use for natural gas is in the production of hydrogen. You have to laugh, don’t you?
  10. Propaganda techniques are commonly used in all areas of life. In England, for example, shooting of wild animals is defended, and promoted, on the ground that it helps protect the environment. Those responsible for this propaganda do not mention that the foxes they hunt are especially bred and that birds for shooting are imported from Europe.
  11. Now that the politicians have given themselves the right to put fluoride into our drinking water, they are desperate to add more drugs. There have, for decades now, been plans to add oral contraceptives and benzodiazepine tranquillisers to drinking water – the former to reduce the size of populations and the latter to make citizens more compliant. There are now plans to add seriously heavy psychoactive drugs to drinking water to control us. Meanwhile, the evidence shows that the accidental pollution of drinking water with drug residues has caused massive changes to humans. I revealed 40 years ago that drug residues from sewage were being allowed into drinking water and were liable to cause significant changes to the humans who drink the water. The evidence now supports my warnings. Sperm counts among young men have fallen by half in recent years and you only have to look at a team of professional sportsmen from the 1950s and 1960s and compare the appearances of the players with teams from today to see just how dramatic has been the effect of massive quantities of oral contraceptive residues in our drinking water. To all this, we must add the effect of the covid-19 toxic jab which has, I believe, also had a damaging effect on sperm counts and fertility though in this case I think it is reasonable to assume that this effect was expected and deliberate.
  12. For many years now health and safety officials have shown no interest in health or safety but have concentrated their efforts on making life more dangerous and unpleasant. So, for example, health and safety officials regularly instruct public houses and country house hotels that they must not have open log fires in their public rooms, however much these might add to the enjoyment of residents or visitors, lest a stray spark find its way through the obligatory spark guard, land on an innocent child and singe an item of clothing, or land on a hearth rug, remain unnoticed and cause a burn mark. But the same health and safety officials who work hard at removing every last vestige of fun and delight from our lives will happily allow doctors and nurses to give toxic, potentially lethal injections to healthy children – even when there is sound clinical evidence showing that those injections do more harm than good.
  13. All around the world people hate their governments. Leading politicians everywhere are figures of hate. What now seem to have been terrible mistakes made in 2020 are making it appear that politicians are incompetent at best and crooked at worst. In fact, everything that happened was planned and designed. And although some politicians knew what was happening, most were simply fodder for the conspirators’ machinery. The intention was to make us loathe and despise our politicians and, consequently, be prepared to accept a world government – even if it consists of unelected individuals who have total power with absolutely no responsibility.
  14. The conspirators have been running an active campaign against motorists for some years. The ‘cover’ for this war is, of course, the eternal and universally useful warning of global warming. The excuse for attacking motorists is that their use of fossil fuels will destroy the planet. Prices of petrol and diesel have been deliberately raised and cities now charge motorists huge fees if they wish to drive into their centres. Car parks charges have been increased massively. (Drivers of electric cars are, for the moment, relatively free of constraints though evidence clearly shows that their vehicles are actually more damaging to the planet than vehicles using petrol or diesel fuels. Manufacturing electric cars, and their relatively short-lived batteries requires massive amounts of energy. And, of course, most electric cars are run with electricity which is obtained, directly or indirectly, by burning fossil fuels.) The fact is that the war on motor cars and motorists has absolutely nothing to do with the myth of global warming. The conspirators want to see independent motoring banned completely so that everyone can be herded into tower block living from whence citizens will be able to walk or bicycle to their employment and the shops.
  15. People who own a second home in Wales will soon have to pay three times the usual rate of local tax on their property. And the same thing will happen in England where anyone who owns a second property will be punished. Naturally, it is local authorities in attractive parts of the countryside which are most likely to introduce these new rules and to punish second home owners. The apparently well-meaning aim is to force the owners of second homes to put their properties on the market and to sell them to locals who want to buy a home but cannot afford one. The real plan, of course, is to force home owners to sell so that the prices of properties will fall. This manipulation of the property market will affect all property values and, at a time when interest rates are rising and seem set to stay high interminably, will result in thousands if not millions of people finding that their property is worth considerably less than they paid for it and is, indeed, worth less than the amount of money they borrowed from their bank or building society. And the result of that will be that many families will be thrown out of their homes and made bankrupt. Local authorities claim that if second home owners are forced out of the market then young couples who live in their area will be able to buy a home. There is, of course, a serious flaw in this argument and that is that even if property prices are reduced, those young couples will probably still not be able to afford to buy the properties unless they have jobs. Banks and building societies are not usually enthusiastic about lending money to couples who do not have at least one job. And jobs are scarce in seaside towns. The main result of this scheme will simply be to reduce house values and impoverish everyone (local or not) who has purchased a property. But there will be another consequence. Many second homes are let out to holiday makers for much of the year. And those holiday makers tend to spend a good deal of money in the area they visit. Even when these second homes aren’t let out, the owners will often employ local people to do work on their homes and, of course, they will buy food and drink from local shops and patronise local pubs and restaurants. So, the real reason behind this plan to force second home owners to sell their properties is to destroy small communities and to stop all travel.
  16. Traditionally, the middle classes in any society are always the most dangerous. They are usually the most articulate and the most likely to rebel and stand up both for their individual rights and for what they see as their patriotic responsibilities. Because of this, the conspirators have taken much care to oppress this group. The poor who are on benefits of one kind or another (either because they are unemployed or because they consider themselves too ill to work) are not seen as much of a problem for the Great Reset. They are, after all, already bought and paid for, controlled by the State and ready, willing and able to slide easily and comfortably into a world where the Universal Basic Income is the usual form of payment and has replaced wages, salaries and fees.
  17. A newly qualified nurse, with no specialist skills, earns around £30,000 a year. Older nurses get much more. More senior nurses get much, much more. My old age pension for the tax year 2022/23 (earned after paying taxes and national insurance for over 50 years) was £7,376.20. Pensioners have to pay the same prices as nurses for food, accommodation, electricity and fuel. Nurses are going on strike for more money. I no longer understand. Don’t they understand that we are at war with the conspirators? Don’t they understand that they are, like the doctors, being manipulated by people who want to destroy health care? I give thanks that I am not a teenager, starting out on life’s rough road where meanness and selfishness are now the norm. Within five years there will be no jobs for nurses. Meanwhile, some nurses and doctors (far better paid than previous generations) claim they are striking to save the NHS. Has there ever been a more disingenuous and self-serving slogan?
  18. Pressuring supermarkets to get rid of plastic bags was the most stupid and wasteful act of destruction in the UK since the nation was tricked into joining the European Union. Is there anyone who has a ‘Bag for Life’ which has lasted more than a month?
  19. It is a delight to know that more and more people no longer trust anything they read, see or hear from the mainstream media. That trust will never be regained. On our side of the street scepticism is the new truth.
  20. I wonder how the woke would respond if the BBC announced that they were making a film of Martin Luther King’s life and that they intended to cast a young, white woman in the lead role. Think about it. And remember some of the casting decisions made in recent years.

Vernon Coleman’s book Endgame explains the agenda for the future. Unless you know what is happening you cannot do anything to protect yourself and to prepare. Endgame is available on Amazon.