Passing Observations 153

  1. The United Nations is planning to control all the water on the planet and to control how much you can use.
  2. In my book Living in a Fascist Country, published in 2006, I pointed out that the new ID cards which Tony Bliar’s government was promoting would contain a chip which would tell them where you were every minute of every day of your life. I wrote: ‘Since it will be illegal to go out of your home without your ID card (and its implanted chip) the Government (and anyone to whom they sell the information) will always know exactly where you are.’ That, remember, was 2006. They’ve been planning this for a long time. Living in a Fascist Country is available from the bookshop on this website.
  3. Reclassifying diseases in order to alter their apparent importance is now commonplace. So deaths from pneumonia are classified as deaths from covid; deaths from tuberculosis are officially classified as deaths from AIDS and deaths from starvation in hospital are classified as deaths from dementia.
  4. Former health minister in the UK Government Matt Hancock claims that he didn’t appear on a reality TV show for the money. So presumably, he did it for charity. (He donated 3% of his fee to charity.)
  5. ‘By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens.’ – J.M.Keynes
  6. If you want to escape from reality for a few hours you might find my book `Dr Bullock’s Annals’ rather pleasantly alarming. It is the entirely fictitious (but entirely accurate) account of a young man who becomes a Victorian GP. It’s available through the bookshops on and Beware: it contains lots of black humour.
  7. American and European politicians seem to think that Russia will roll over easily. If they knew anything about history they would know that Russia will never surrender. Ask Napoleon or Hitler. American’s last really successful war was their invasion of Grenada.
  8. A patient is suing Google for using his NHS records. The patient claims that Google’s subsidiary called Deep Mind is unlawfully using private information. Google’s barrister said the case should be thrown out because Google provided information to doctors. In my view, nothing Google ever does is honest, decent or for the betterment of mankind and to suggest otherwise is naïve.
  9. Iran and Saudi Arabia have agreed a deal (brokered by China). The deal means that United States is being pushed out of the Middle East while China’s influence is increasing massively. The importance of this for the future of the West’s supplies of oil cannot be over-estimated.
  10. Australia is being supplied with a new fleet of nuclear powered submarines which will be able to carry out long range strikes against not-too-faraway enemies such as China. But we are told that the submarines will not be armed with nuclear weapons. Peashooters and catapults perhaps?
  11. The staff of the BBC seem to think that the organisation should be run for their benefit and not for the benefit of their employers – the licence fee payers and the taxpayers. If the BBC staff want to run the BBC and control its content they should pay for it.
  12. A new weight loss wonder drug costs over $1,300 for a month’s supply. The drug called Wegovy (I wonder what computer thought up that name) is incredibly popular with rich people who want to be thinner. I wonder how many of those desperate to take it know that the possible side effects include thyroid tumours and thyroid cancer. Still, they’ll be thin so they probably won’t care.
  13. I think ‘wokeness’ should be listed as a real disease. The people who suffer from it clearly need treatment for their mental ill health.
  14. Those who are still allowed to make videos for YouTube are clearly not considered by the CIA, etc. to be a threat to the global conspiracy.( I’ve been making videos for over three years now. It is two years and 11 months since YouTube took down my first video. I don’t know what took them so long.)
  15. I saw a photo of a white male in a magazine advertisement the other day. I was so shocked I had to lie down for an hour afterwards. If the BBC runs a laudatory story about a white man I will have to lie down for a week, at least.
  16. Bankers deserve a prize. It can’t be easy to make a loss when you charge borrowers 8% interest and pay depositors 0.8% interest. I suppose all those bonuses help.
  17. Anyone who pays the BBC licence fee is supporting woke communists who want to destroy everything most of us care about. You must not break the law, of course, but do not pay the BBC licence fee. And remember you don’t have to let the BBC’s fee collecting gestapo into your home unless they come armed with a policeman and/or a warrant. If they knock on your door the appropriate response is to refuse to open the door. Alternatively open the door, say the magic words (‘Piss off’) and then shut the door again.
  18. St Georges Day (23rd April) has allegedly been chosen by the British Government to start its phone alert system. From that day, mobile phones will make a loud scary noise to tell users that something terrible is about to happen in their locality. The sound of 30 phones going off all at once will make life impossible for those wanting to spend a quiet half an hour in a café.
  19. Schools used to be run much more efficiently. Pupils all stayed in one classroom in the 1950s and 1960s. Teachers moved from classroom to classroom. Today, it is pupils who have to move around so that teachers can stay in one place, do a little tweeting and look at their Facebook site. Naturally this causes massive disruption, inconvenience, time wasting and risk. Am I the only one to have noticed that schools are now run for the benefit of the teachers and hospitals are run for the benefit of hospital staff?
  20. The British Government is taking out huge newspaper adverts to tell people to go to their GP to have their blood pressure tested. Since most people in Britain are more likely to win the lottery than get a GP’s appointment this is clearly just a way for the Government to pay off newspaper owners who have dutifully helped promote the pandemic fraud.
  21. Heat pumps are being forced on hapless home owners around the world – as gas appliances and log burners are being outlawed because they are efficient and relatively cheap. Sadly, heat pumps are ridiculously expensive and don’t work terribly well – especially in older homes which don’t have purpose built space where they can be installed and which are not terribly well insulated. The result of course that all the well-built Victorian homes in Britain (and those from previous centuries) will have to be knocked down and replaced with cardboard houses made according to EU rules. And that, of course, has been the plan for a couple of decades. Getting rid of gas appliances and replacing them with heat pumps is another piece of idiocy promoted by climate change nutters whose sole aim is to destroy the world as we know it and take us shivering and hungry into the Great Reset.
  22. The Saudi energy Minister says his country will not sell oil to any country which sets a price cap on oil. The US and EU already have a price cap at which Russians can sell oil and are planning an oil cap which will affect the Middle East. This will surely result in the price of oil in the EU and the UK doubling or even tripling.

If you want to know the truth about what is happening to the world please read Endgame by Vernon Coleman. Endgame explains what has happened, why it has happened and what is going to happen next. You can buy `Endgame’ via the bookshop on this website.