Passing Observations 152

  1. Anyone working in any branch of health care who doesn’t end the day feeling emotionally drained should be working in a car factory.
  2. By giving yet more free money to parents of small children, Britain’s communist government has nationalised parenthood. Statism is on a roll at the expense of freedom.
  3. Zelensky of Ukraine always gets what he wants because he is told what to ask for.
  4. There are financial commentators in national publications and online who have been qualified as journalists for months rather than years but who, nevertheless, feel able to offer investment advice. My advice is: never take financial advice from anyone poorer than yourself.
  5. Striking doctors are in clear breach of the Hippocratic Oath and its successor The Declaration of a New Doctor which contains this clause: `I shall never intentionally cause harm to my patients’. Doctors who go on strike have broken their ethical declaration and should lose their licences to practice – permanently. If the GMC fails to take action then it too is betraying patients – and taking an unacceptable political stance.
  6. As long as there are sheep there will always be wolves.
  7. My wife and I share responsibilities. She looks after me and I always remember to say thank you.
  8. If you miss a car payment in the new world they are building for us, your car will lock itself and drive itself back to the dealer. Presumably, fridges and television sets will do much the same thing though they have to call themselves a taxi.
  9. Making patients wait weeks and months for vital test results is a cruel disgrace – and it is an almost uniquely British disgrace. How long will it be before the relative of a patient waiting for vital test results threatens to jump from a motorway bridge (for example) if they are not brought those results immediately?
  10. In view of the fact that the Metropolitan police force in London has been described as sexist, misogynistic, racist, homophobic and heaven knows what else, why hasn’t the Dick woman (who used to be in charge) been punished? She should at least have her absurd Damehood taken away from her. Ditto all other chief policepersons of the Met.
  11. I have been denied access to all social media for three years. This is surely unfair and illegal since it means I cannot share photographs of my holidays and favourite recipes with friends. (That irrelevant bit could be illegal) And I can’t share ideas or promote my books. (That very relevant bit certainly isn’t but it is an inconvenience.)
  12. British cities got mayors because the EU said they should. Now that we are no longer in the EU (we did leave didn’t we?) we should abandon all these stupid, expensive mayors. It would, at least, enable us to get rid of Khan – in my view surely the most toxic, divisive rancid politician in Britain.
  13. Oxfam has apologised for the English language and has banned the words mother and father. I’ve decided not to ever give them any more money or goods in the hope that I will be doing my part to help them into well-deserved bankruptcy.
  14. Prince Andrew (the one who was a chum of Epstein) spends £32,000 a year on a live-in yoga guru. I can think of things I’d rather the nation spent £32,000 on. I bet you can too.
  15. Astonishingly, there are 19.1 million economically inactive adults in England and Wales. That’s 39.4% of the adult population. No wonder daytime TV viewing figures are so good.
  16. The French want Macron to be guillotined, Medvedev has talked of nuking the ICC and Trump is expecting to be arrested. And that was all in one day. ‘There’s never anything in the news these days,’ said a bloke at the Post Office.
  17. When I ran my publishing company two women I employed were talking about homosexuality. (Heaven knows why. I’d rather talk about knitting or greenfly). There was a male employee in the room and they asked him what he thought. ‘I don’t care what they do or say,’ he said, in defiant innocence, ‘as long as they don’t ram it down my throat.’
  18. Hunting would be a sport if foxes had horses. And shooting would be a sport if the animals being shot at were equipped with guns and could shoot back. But since none of that happens, it is clear that hunters and shooters are simply homicidal bullies and cowards. I do hope they find this offensive. Sadly for them they cannot have me banned from social media.
  19. Politicians in Britain are puzzled about why productivity in the UK is appallingly low. Could it be that while Brits are working from home, swooning with long covid and demanding a four day week, employees elsewhere are working much harder? In South Korea, for example, the country’s government just proposed raising the legal cap on weekly working hours from 52 hours to 69 hours. South Koreans work on average 1,915 hours a year. In America the figure is 1,791 hours and in France it is 1,490. I hate to think how low it is in Britain.
  20. Chancellors used to resign if any of their budget leaked. These days, virtually nothing in a budget is a surprise since most if not all of it has been leaked to the press beforehand.

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