Passing Observations 151

  1. I wanted to watch cricket at Lord’s cricket ground this year but the constant threat of rail strikes means I can’t go. It doesn’t really matter, though for a number of reasons this may be the last year I’ll get to see London. Engine drivers are very well paid (they get £60,000) and as a result of their unreasonable and selfish strikes, hundreds of thousands of people have had their travel plans disrupted for no good reason whatsoever. The average basic pay of London tube drivers is £55,000 plus amazing perks – and they can retire on a pension at 50. All the strikes destroying the global economy are, I believe, part of the Great Reset plan to stop us travelling, demoralise us all and to make us ready to accept the Great Reset. The rail and tube strikes in London in March will cost pubs and restaurants alone more than £500 million. Well, I’m inconvenienced and rather sad that I can’t take a day off and go to Lord’s, but I’m not demoralised and I’m no closer to accepting the Great Reset. So stuff the strikers and their string pullers.
  2. I assume that the Royal College of Nursing union negotiator will now resign in shame. She wanted 19% for her members. It looks as if most nurses will settle for 5% and a bonus. The strikes caused deaths, pain and great hardship and thanks to the union, nurses will never regain the public affection and respect they once had. Bizarrely, health unions described the 5% offer as a historic victory and the RCN (quietly forgetting their 19% demand and the strikes which caused misery to patients) said striking nurses had been vindicated. Spin, spin, spin.
  3. Half of generation Z have at least one nap a day while 17% of those under 24 are so tired that they need two naps a day. No wonder productivity is at an all-time low.
  4. Anyone living in or travelling to Devon should avoid all local restaurants which have not made it clear that they do not support the commercial plan to bring red squirrels to Exmoor. Those who want to reintroduce the red squirrel onto Exmoor are encouraging locals to trap grey squirrels (which have been there for many generations). They also want local restaurants to cook them and feed them to their customers. The only difference between red squirrels and grey squirrels is the colour of their fur. It would be just as reasonable to encourage locals to trap, kill and cook white skinned humans. (Not that I regard that as impossible – though more likely in Wales.)
  5. The BBC licence fee collectors are reported to have been sending demanding letters to the home of a woman who had disappeared 14 years earlier. I am not surprised. The letters seem to me to be designed to frighten and disturb the recipients. I get one a month which I use to help light the fire.
  6. A variety of excellent cough, cold and flu remedies are to be banned in the UK. The reason given is that there is a ‘very rare’ chance of people experiencing an allergic reaction if they take the remedies and then have a general anaesthetic. The result of this absurd ban will be that more people will visit their doctor for treatment and be tested for covid. And since the covid test is as reliable as Boris Johnson, millions of false covid cases will be discovered.
  7. A major report says that British museums are suffering from long covid because fewer tourists are coming to the UK. Is there anything that they won’t blame on covid or long covid?
  8. The endless deliberate use of fear to force people to obey their governments and to comply with crazy instructions such as ‘wear a mask’ has left millions of people traumatised and quite unable to think for themselves. And that, of course, was the plan.
  9. A historian who has apparently appeared on the television has warned that a deadly plague, similar to the Black Death, will reap hell on earth again. And, no doubt, we will soon hear a television chef endorsing the conspiratorial fear mongering.
  10. The utterly insane but no doubt diverse and sustainable Welsh Government has said that statues of old white men such as Admiral Nelson should be removed or even destroyed because they may be offensive to Britain’s multicultural population. This phrase from George Orwell seems appropriate: ‘Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered.’
  11. Campaigners on behalf of a group of nearly 4,000 people who claim they were injured by the covid-19 jab are protesting about the inadequacy and unsuitability of the Government’s Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme. Hoorah.
  12. Passport office workers in the UK are going on strike for five weeks. They are complaining about pay (no surprise there) and working conditions (which is a surprise since many of them work from home). The only way for Britons to get in and out of the country for a continental holiday will be by paying for a seat on one of those rubber boats the people smugglers use to bring in illegal immigrants. For the first time the people smugglers will be able to make money from people going in the other direction.
  13. The number of inexplicable sudden deaths is increasing rapidly. The covid-19 jab is never included by the mainstream media in the list of possible causes of death.
  14. I predict that Joe Biden won’t run for President next time. The financial scandal surrounding his family will engulf him. So the current vice-President will doubtless be running as the Democratic candidate. And those of us who thought that Biden was a dangerous left may have to reset our parameters.
  15. The battle against the absurdity of ESG continues. More and more investors are fighting back against people such as Larry Fink, the chief executive of Black Rock, who is, for his own reasons, a supporter of the absurd and pseudoscientific myth of climate change. Wise and responsible State officials in the US have pulled billions of dollars’ worth of pension and treasury funds from Black Rock because of its boycotts of fossil fuel companies and because it appears to some to put social concerns and a political agenda above its fiduciary duty. The bottom line is that the invested money belongs not to the bankers and investment company bosses but to the investors. Larry Fink et al work for the investors. It is not billionaire Fink’s role to use investors’ money to campaign about ESG issues. Maybe he might realise this if enough people decided they didn’t want to invest in Black Rock funds.
  16. The junior doctors’ strike in March in the UK (they want a 35% pay rise) led to the cancellation of 175,000 operations and patient appointments. That is 175,000 men, women and children whose lives were made miserable, painful and probably shorter. And probably 500,000 relatives whose lives were also affected. Those doctors should lose their licences and be told to find jobs doing something else. The BMA, the trade union which organised the strike, should be closed down.
  17. The mainstream media in the UK talked endlessly about the Government having a financial windfall of £30 billion. What they really should have said was that the Government’s debt was found to be £30 billion less than expected. Has any mainstream media outlet told the truth about anything in the last three years? If so, I missed it.
  18. The sensible thing to do if your sales fall is to cut the price. The number of letters handled by Royal Mail in the UK has halved in the last six years. And so the company put up the price of its stamps.
  19. Global sales of electric vehicles was 50% down in January 2023. Why such a dramatic collapse? Well, obviously, customers realise that electric cars are crap and should be avoided. Most electric vehicles are bought by fleet and business buyers who are spending someone else’s money.
  20. Everything started to go wrong with the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media at about the same time as long stay mental hospitals were closed. Clearly, what happened was that the insane asylum inmates, with no skills and nothing to do, all took jobs at the BBC and in the mainstream media. It’s the only sensible explanation.
  21. The UK Government’s covid-19 inquiry is set to last seven years. There are already over 150 lawyers involved. The whole thing will, of course, be a complete waste of time. I bet no one asks me how I correctly knew (in Feb/Mar 2020) that there was no pandemic and that covid-19 would kill no more than the ordinary flu.

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